I am pleased to welcome you to Platt College -- a college dedicated above all else to student success. An integral part of our mission is to prepare students for professional nursing practice.  Our faculty are supportive individuals who work hard to meet the mission of the College through a mentoring culture that encourages evidence-based practice. For this reason, Platt College may well be your best choice for learning, at all stages of life.

Platt College’s history spans over three decades and our graduates are known in the Denver community for their work with people from vulnerable populations, for their utilization of evidence to provide competent and safe care, and for their ability to explore the nursing process. Platt College graduates are continually finding fresh ways to give back, to share, and to accept the demands of responsible citizenship.

More importantly, we strive to introduce students to the pursuit of life-long learning, to the development of educated members of the community, and to provide the foundation for becoming informed, independent thinkers who can comprehend, evaluate, and address the issues that human beings face in their personal lives, in their careers, and in community and public affairs.

We invite you to explore our web site and to visit our campus-you'll sense the energy of Platt College.  Our students understand that they need to prepare for their nursing careers, and they also appreciate that new learning itself expands their lives and the lives of others.  Throughout our website and on our campus walls, you will see the words I Can, I Will, I Did.  These words illustrate our campus culture's commitment to student success. 

But please, see for yourself! We hope you will schedule a visit to Platt College soon, or roam our web site to learn about our nursing program, student support services, and more. Here is where we set the standard in nursing education!

-Dr. Julie Basler, President of Platt College