What is a Platt College Alumnus?

Between the stages of life, the beginnings of new careers and in the commitment of life-long learning, we find amazing adults known as Platt College alumni. A Platt College alumnus may be tall or short, bald, blonde, brunette, black or redheaded, with a variety of talents, attributes, and personality traits; yet all are joined together in the meaning of the Platt Difference.

Our Alumni are found in tennis shoes and sandals, tuxes and formals, in top design firms and in community service, wearing a stethoscope, creating a web page, delivering a baby, designing a banner, behind a trophy or in a pulpit, but always with a "special charm" about them.

A Platt College alumnus is a parent, a concerned citizen, a healthcare advocate, a painter, a musician, a baker, a good neighbor, a comedian, a caregiver and a hospital leader, a designer and an artist but most of all, a Platt College alumnus is a down-to-earth compassionate human being.

You can count on a Platt College Alumnus to bake cupcakes, feed a hundred people, run a car wash for the Scouts, create a dynamic marketing scheme or preside over a committee meeting.

They can soothe a crying baby, yet cause a crowd to cry in laughter.

They study harder, play longer, sleep less, think deeper, yet always keep that humble way about them.

Crowds admire them, children idolize them, peers respect her, and people love them.

They can take criticism with understanding, praise with humility, and disappointment with a smile.

They are loyal, sincere, truthful and kind. They are a follower and most certainly they are a leader.

Stay Connected

Platt College keeps growing and growing....Becoming an active alumnus is a selfless way to give back to Platt College and a way to reconnect with fellow alumni as well as students. Join other alumni who are working to improve their communities’ volunteer network and see how you can help make a positive difference for future graduates of Platt College.

The Platt College Alumni Association provides formal communication link between the college and its alumni and friends, to provide a means for mutual support and to promote fellowship and the educational goals of the college. If you are a Platt College alumnus, please join us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, and Instagram and update us with all of your recent accomplishments.