Apply for Admission

Ready to take the next step? Completing the application is the easiest way to begin what could be one of the most important steps in your professional life. 

If you have not yet attended an information session, or met with an admissions representative, please call (303) 369-5151 for further information before completing the online application.

Visit the Application Portal and click Create an Account to begin.

Completing the application is just one step in a five step admission process.  Potential applicants must complete all required steps to be eligible for the admissions process. 

  1. Complete the fields for each section marked with an asterisk (*). These are required. Click Create An Account to proceed. Make sure that you record the username and password that you choose.  You will need both at a later date to continue the process. 
  2. Once you see the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Application Instructions, click on Applicant Information on the left panel.
  3. After each section click Save and Next on the bottom of the page in order to proceed.
  4. For the Education Section, we only require your high school name and graduation year to proceed. Please submit previous college information if applicable.
  5.  Once you have completed the required fields in all sections, click Submit Application.
  6. Conveniently pay your $75.00 application charge online by selecting Pay Online on the left panel.

Your online application will be considered complete once all of the above requirements have been met.

Contact the Admissions Office at (303) 369-5151 to schedule an information session or your entrance test. All applicants are required to attend an information session as part of the admissions process.

Platt College does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, age, mental or physical disability, veteran status or national origin in educational and employment opportunities, and is committed to the education of a non-racially identifiable student body.