Cost Estimators

Transfer Credit Guide Estimator

Already have a head start on college credit? Good for you! Maybe you've taken courses at another college. Platt College has a favorable, fair transfer credit policy, and transfer tools that are easy to use to help you estimate what transfer credit may be accepted.

Platt College's Transfer Credit Guide is a helpful online tool that allows you to search for course equivalencies. Use the Transfer Credit Guide to find out how applicable undergraduate credits you completed at another college or university will possibly transfer to Platt College. If you have questions, you can find answers in the Transfer Credit Guide FAQ.

If a college or university is not listed in the Transfer Credit Guide Estimator Chart, you cannot find a specific undergraduate course or the course is not listed for the term you completed it, it does not mean the course will not transfer to Platt College. The course may not have been evaluated yet, and you may request a transfer course evaluation.

Net Price Calculator-Cost Estimator

The intention of Platt College's Net Price Calculator is to provide families with estimates on the total cost of attendance for Platt College. The Net Price Calculator simulates the complex financial aid process by asking a limited number of questions. This tool is designed to give students an early indication of the amounts and types of financial aid for which they might qualify. The figures generated here will estimate the net price for a full-time, first-year student attending Platt College in future quarters in the next year. This calculator is not an application for or a guarantee of a particular financial aid package. Instead, it is intended to assist families in making informed decisions concerning college choices. Students and parents completing the calculator are asked to answer some basic questions about family finances, so it will be helpful to have recent tax forms or pay stubs on hand before beginning.

In order to complete this estimator, you will need the following:

  1. Most recent income tax return and W2 statement(s) for the student and parent(s)
  2. 20 minutes of your time to begin the Net Price Calculator