Leave of Absence (LOA)

Definition of a LOA

A student may find it necessary to leave Platt College for a period of time and then return to normal studies at a later date. After consultation with the Associate Dean of Nursing and College Registrar, a student may be approved for inactive status, commonly known as a leave of absence (LOA).

Process to Have a LOA Approved

Students considering a LOA must contact the College Registrar via email, in person, or by phone. A request for a LOA must be signed and dated by the student via DocuSign sent by the College Registrar. 

In accordance with the ACCSC Standards of Accreditation, in cases where Platt College grants a leave of absence to a student who could not provide a request prior to the LOA period due to unforeseen circumstances, the College must secure at a later date the request and the reason(s) for the LOA along with documentation to show that the LOA could not have been requested and approved in advance.  In these cases, the beginning date of the LOA period can be no earlier than the date that the circumstances prevented the student from attending the College. 

Reason(s) Why Students Request a LOA

Students take leaves of absence for various reasons, including but not limited to illness, active military service, or for purely personal reasons.

Allowable LOA Period

The LOA for students may not exceed one hundred and eighty days (180) days (excluding holidays and breaks designated in the Academic Calendar) in any twelve (12) month period. 

If a student does not return following the LOA, Platt College terminates the student and applies the College’s refund policy. 

A LOA will delay a student’s graduation. 

A student may not matriculate at another institution while on a LOA from Platt College.  Students wishing to matriculate elsewhere must withdraw from Platt College, and should they wish to return to Platt College to complete their degree, must apply for readmission in accordance with Policy 02:23:00. 

Students taking a LOA need to be aware that not all classes are offered each quarter. Students who do not return from an approved LOA to their program of study by registering and attending classes or by submitting another request for a LOA (when applicable) will be voluntarily terminated effective at the end of the first week of the quarter in which they were scheduled to return.  A student should contact the Registrar to determine eligibility for a LOA.

For financial aid purposes, a student will be treated as withdrawn when s/he takes a LOA and any federal loans will be returned.  For more information regarding loan eligibility or deferments, students should make an appointment with the financial aid department.

Military Leave of Absence

For those being placed into active military service, requests must be accompanied by a copy of military orders indicating the induction date. Requests should be submitted to the Registrar and a leave of up to one year may be granted.  In the case students are called for active military service, the College will authorize withdrawals throughout the quarter. Students can register for subsequent quarters without proceeding through the normal admissions process.  Under the 180-day LOA limitation (Subsection (a)(2)(B) of 484B, Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1091b)) the student shall not be treated as withdrawn unless the student fails to return upon the completion of the military leave of absence.

For more information about leave of absences, contact the College Registrar at 303.369.5151 ext. 226.

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