Official/Unofficial Withdrawal from the College

For more information about withdrawaling from Platt College, visit Policy 03:11:00 Official/Unofficial Withdrawal from the College which outlines the College's policy and procedure for withdrawaling.

Official Withdrawal

An official withdrawal is when the student notifies the Platt College Registrar in writing (either in person,  via letter, or via college email) that he or she will not be returning to the program. To complete the official withdrawal from the College, the student completes a  Request to Permanently Withdraw from the Degree Program form and a Student Exit Checklist form.  Both forms are initiated by the College Registrar after written notification is received by the student.  The date of withdrawal is the last date of attendance in class;  the effective date is when the College Registrar receives written notification from the student that he/she is not returning to the degree program.

Unofficial Withdrawal

When a student does not notify Platt College of his or her withdrawal, it is classified as unofficial.  To complete the paperwork for an unofficial withdrawal, the Registrar completes a Request to Permanently Withdraw from the Degree Program, issued electronically to applicable college offices, and sends an electronic copy to the student, regardless if the student signs the form.  There are two categories of unofficial withdrawals for purposes of financial calculations.

If Platt College determines that a student did not begin the withdrawal process or otherwise notify the College of the intent to withdraw due to illness, accident, grievous personal loss, or other circumstances beyond the student’s control, the withdrawal date is the date the College determines that the student ceased attendance because of the aforementioned applicable event. An example of this would be the student not attending class for two consecutive weeks and not notifying the college of his or her situation.  In this case, the student’s last date of attendance will be counted as the withdrawal date.

If Platt College administratively withdraws a student (e.g., expels, suspends, or cancels the student’s registration) who has not notified the College of his or her intent to withdraw, the last possible date of withdrawal for the student is the date Platt College terminates the student’s enrollment.  Examples of this would include a student violating a Platt College policy, or a student failing to return from temporary suspension or leave of absence without notifying the college.

Once a Request to Permanently Withdraw from the Degree Program has been issued for either an official or unofficial withdrawal, the Registrar finalizes the needed documentation (i.e. last date of attendance, credit hours scheduled and completed, effective date).  This information is securely provided electronically to each applicable College department. 

When the electronic document is received by the Financial Services department, a College Refund Calculation is completed.

The Financial Aid Department also completes a Federal Return of Title IV Calculation and determines how much of the Student Financial Aid (SFA) funds may be retained.

The School Refund Calculation is then adjusted (if needed) by the funds that must be returned.  Copies of the final School Refund Calculation along with a copy of Return of Title IV Funds worksheet are retained in a student's SFA file and in the college’s database system (My Platt College). Any refunds/returns are then processed or requested through the appropriate parties. 

The Financial Aid office updates two federal sites: National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) with the revised data.  The office also updates the Veteran's Affairs Office (VA) and any other state agencies if applicable. 

The original withdrawal documents are returned to the College Registrar and the Director of Financial Services  for a co-preparation of a Withdrawal Letter to the student (copies are kept in the Financial Services Department and are appended in the student's electronic files.)

The Financial Aid Department prepares all necessary federally required Exit Interview Paperwork to the student via certified return receipt through the USPS.  Copies of all paperwork are kept in the student's SFA file for documentation.

Copies of refund/return adjustments or checks are posted into the My Platt College system and copies are then kept in both the Academic and SFA file and electronically in the My Platt College document tracking.

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