Tuition & Fees

One of the factors students need to consider when preparing for college attendance is the cost. While private schools may be considered costly, the cost of attending Platt College is much more manageable. The current tuition breakdown for Platt College is $370.00 per quarter credit hour.

Tuition for the Nursing Program Supplies (consumables in class) IT Fee Clinical Placement Fee Lab Fees Program Total
$68,265 $1,680 Program Total $3,620 Program Total $1,800 Program Total $1,780 Program Total $77,145

Additional Out of Pocket Costs:

*Application Charge *Science Courses and Nursing Kits *Review, Certification, Subscription, Assessment Program, and Insurance Costs *Textbooks
$75.00 $543.00 (Program Total) $1,285.00 (Program Total) Average amount for program textbooks is $5,450 (May be purchased from the College or vendor of choice by student)

*Non refundable costs if purchased from College.

Transfer Credit and Repeat of Courses:

Transfer credit review is a one-time cost of $50.00.  If transfer credit is accepted according to Policy 02:14:00, then the fee to transfer credit per quarter credit hour is $75.00.  Course retakes are calculated at the current full tuition rate for any and all courses (including didactic, laboratory, clinical, and simulation) if repeated.

Additional Expenses Purchased:

(1) TEAS Examination at $55.00 paid directly to ATI, (2) Background Check for Nursing Students starts at $43.00 paid directly to American DataBank, (3) Platt College cranberry scrubs with insignia approximately $175.00 paid directly to vendor, (4) My Clinical Exchange Subscription one time payment of $36.50 paid directly to vendor, and (5) Laptop Computer either PC or MAC that meets program requirements approximately at $1,000 paid directly to vendor of choice. 

Students must furnish all texts, tools and supplies required for the program of enrollment at his/her expense. Students are not required to purchase texts, tools or instructional supplies before such materials are actually needed for coursework. Students are not obligated to purchase any text, tools or instructional supplies from Platt College. The cost of texts, tools, and instructional supplies specified on page one of the Enrollment Agreement and as part of the current College Catalog is an estimated cost only and is subject to change based on fluctuations in manufacturer and supplier prices. If texts, tools or supplies are purchased from Platt College, the cost of these items is nonrefundable.