College Offices

For general assistance, contact us at 303-369-5151 or fax us at 303-745-1433.

Office of the Owner/President Emeritus: Jerald B. Sirbu's office (Please contact Shirley Porter)

Office of the President: Dr. Julie Basler (Please contact Shirley Porter)



Al-Adayleh, Katie

College Registrar

Binford, Rives

General Education Science Faculty

Bradshaw, Lori

Simulation Laboratory Technician

Calderon, Allen

Simulation Laboratory Coordinator

Craver, Geoff

Accountant II

Craver, Robert

Director of Financial Services

Cullerton, Laura

Information Specialist

Damawand, Sina

Nursing Faculty

Dolph, Darla

Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator

DuBois, Kristina

General Education Liberal Arts Faculty

Finken, Mark

Coordinator of IT Services

Golden, Susan

Nursing Faculty

Hettich, Brad

Financial Aid Officer

Izienicki, Kylie

Admissions Coordinator

Jones, Barb

Executive Administrative Assistant

Jones, Jennifer

Associate Dean of Nursing

Keiser, Steve

Nursing Faculty

Leistikow, Rachel Dr.

General Education (Science Faculty)

Little, Michael Saber

Simulation Laboratory Technician

Neu, Kevin

Clinical Placement Coordinator

Porter, Shirley

College Administrative Assistant

Riley, Karen

Nursing Faculty

Ricker, Fran

Dean of Nursing

Spoering, Lorrie

Library Assistant

Thomas, Seth

Faculty Coordinator of Foundational Liberal Arts/General Education Faculty

Tugume, Sharon

Clinical Placement Coordinator

Yarber, Angela

Admissions Representative