Gainful Employment Disclosure - Nursing

This information is provided by Platt College in compliance with the Federal Gainful Employment Regulations. As a private for-profit education institution, we are required to report the following information for degree programs that meet gainful employment definitions. 

Each program is required to report: (1) occupations by names and Standard Occupational Codes (SOC) that the program prepares students to enter; (2) normal time to complete the program (e.g., 36 months for program completion); (3) on-time graduation rate for completers; (4) tuition and fees for completing the program in the normal time, costs for book and supplies, and costs for room and board, if applicable; (5) placement rate for completers, if required by state or accreditor; and (6) median educational loan debt incurred by completers, disclosed in three separate categories: Title IV loans, private loans, and institutional debt.

The 2016 Graduation and Placement Rates are based on the time period of January 2011-September 2011, as required by the College's institutional accreditor's annual report.  The graduation rate for the time period is 73%, and the employment rate is 86%. The graduation rate is based on 51 individuals, and the placement rate is based on 51 individuals with 44 employed in the field.

The required Graduation and Placement Rates are based on the time period of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.  To date, 61 individuals graduated in that time frame and 46 of those individuals are employed, for an employment rate of 75%.  The graduation rate* for the time period is 70.83%, an additional 12.50% of the students are still enrolled at Platt College.

*Graduation rates are calculated based on starting cohort from the period of September 2012 to June 2013, or the students who were eligible to graduate within the three years allotted by Platt College to finish the program. Out of the 9 students who were still enrolled at Platt College from the aforementioned cohorts as of June 30, 2016, 6 have already graduated as of December 2, 2016.

For the time period of July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016, out of 61 students who graduated during that time period, 43 students have reported debt. Median Federal Loan Debt is $38,497; Median Private Loan Debt is $9,276; and the Median Loan Debt is $47,773.  The completion rate is 70%.  62% completed the program within the normal time frame as listed in the catalog.

The yearly NCLEX-RN Pass Rate for Platt College as reported by the Colorado Board of Nursing is 90%.  The 90% is based on the year-to-date report for 2016 with 50 graduates tested.

Because the costs of books and supplies may vary per student enrolling, Platt College has created a detailed cost structure break-down to ensure transparency, ethics, and integrity, as stated in the College's Core Values

According to the current College catalog, 2016-2017 Catalog: Volume 9, Number I (Effective July 11, 2016), the total for tuition and fees is $77,145.00.  Based on the current College Catalog, books and supplies were calculated based on the following categories:

  • Books (approximately) $5,450.00
  • Cognate Costs and Nursing Kits (approximately) $535.00
  • and Review, Certification, Subscription, Assessment Program, and Insurance Costs are $1,250.00
  • Total = $7,235.00

This information for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is available below: