Platt Faculty Organization (PFO)

(Reporting Channel = Dean, School of Nursing)

Primary Authority: The PFO shall have power to formulate, implement, and evaluate policy governing:

  • Curriculum
  • Structure of the nursing program related to academic matters
  • Standards for admission, progression, and retention of students in collaboration with the Admissions Committee
  • Standards for the appropriate use of academic freedom
  • Aspects of student life directly related to the nursing educational process
  • Procedures for implementation of these aforementioned powers
  • Evaluation processes and outcomes in collaboration with the Executive Administrative Team
  • Ongoing assessment and evaluation of student learning outcomes, program outcomes, role-specific graduate competencies, and ACEN standards.

Advisory Authority: The PFO shall actively participate in the decision making process regarding matters affecting the educational processes and policies for which it has primary responsibility. In the performance of this advisory function, it is necessary that the PFO be apprised, in advance, of significant prospective actions by the Administrative Team. Therefore, the PFO shall have authority to advise on matters of policies, particularly those matters dealing with the following:

  • Departmental budget
  • Student conduct and disciplinary actions
  • Departmental development activities
  • Physical facilities
  • Aspects of faculty life related to nursing education process including, but not limited to, workload and faculty search activities.

The PFO consists of all full and part-time nursing faculty and staff (who hold an RN license) and all full and part-time foundational liberal arts and sciences faculty. 

Current Membership:

Chair, Rives Binford

Chair-Elect, Kyle Sorenson

All full and part-time faculty

Tentative Meeting Schedule: Bi-Monthly