Platt Student Veterans Organization (SVO)

(Reporting Channel = Faculty Advisor)

The School of Nursing at Platt College Student Veterans Organization (SVO) is an organization committed to serving veterans and their families.  The SVO is an independent student run organization that strives to further veteran’s lives by providing awareness, support, and resources at the college. We utilize the Faculty, Staff, and other student organizations to reach our goals which include:

  • Cooperation, communication, support and information exchange for veterans or those interested in/supportive of veterans.
  • Development of appropriate strategies to assist, encourage, and support the implementation of the mission at Platt College
  • Maintain a registry of members available to serve as advocates and resource individuals for developing, planning, and evaluating initiatives, policies, and procedures pertinent to the current veteran services
  • Veteran representation and involvement throughout the college
  • A forum through which Veterans at Platt college may articulate their unique concerns and issues collectively
  • Engage in fundraising for various activities related to military and or veterans interests in social activities, memorials/monuments, and donations to relevant charities

Membership is open to all students, dependents and those who have a desire to be a member.

Current Officer Membership:

President: Jennifer Barnes

Vice president: Kayla Eddy

Secretary: Patrice Jones

Project Manager: Gessica Lujan

Tentative Meeting Schedule: Quarterly