Strategic Planning and Priorities Committee

(Reporting Channel = President)

The Strategic Planning and Priorities Committee reviews and reaffirms the College’s mission statement and core values and creates a vision statement from College feedback before submitting to the Board of Directors.   Additionally, the committee helps to formulate a five-year strategic plan and annual action plans.  The strategic plan consists of goals, measureable objectives, strategies, proposed actions, and annual outcomes.  The action plan consists of specific action items that, when implemented, lead to the achievement of the stated    objectives.  The Vice President of Academic Affairs, as instructed by the President,  is responsible for ensuring actions listed in the plan.  The Dean  of Nursing is responsible for developing program level plans that address program level functions and the college’s strategic goals.  The Faculty Coordinator of Foundational Liberal Arts will collaborate with the Dean, School of Nursing in regards to foundational liberal arts and sciences.     

Current Membership:

Dr. Julie Basler, Chair, President

Fran Ricker, Dean of Nursing

Seth Thomas, Faculty Chair

Robert Craver, Chief Financial Officer

PSNA President, Student

Vacant, Student

Tentative Meeting Schedule: Bi-Annually