IT Services During COVID-19

7 Platt College Technology Support Protocols during the Coronavirus Shelter in Place


  1. Try another browser:  Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
  2. Delete cookies
  3. Reboot the laptop, computer, tablet or phone
    1. Reinstall the app on your phone
    2. Reinstall the software on your laptop
  4. Power cycle your local internet resources (routers, modems, wifi)
    1. Comcast:
      1. Comcast Norton free Internet Security Online download for their customers:
    2. Century Link: 800-801-4099
      1. Century Link free Norton Antivirus download for their customers:
  5. Access the Library Course for Students on your Canvas dashboard. In the Modules section, you will find application and vendor specific support information:  ATI, Zoom, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Office 365, Platt College eCampus Online Bookstore, Canvas Studio, OneDrive etc.
  6. The three main Platt College Applications can be accessed from the school web site:

For assistance and support with these applications:

  1. Office 365 (Platt email) – Contact Platt Support for assistance with your account and passwords, watch the Office 365 training videos  to learn more about Office 365 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, etc.)       **see #5 in the list above
    1. Did you try password reset on the login page

  1. Canvas – contact Platt Support and\or open a Canvas support ticket through the Canvas help link located on the navigation bar.
    1. Did you try the forgot password link on the login page

  1. Nexus Student Portal – contact Platt Support
    1. Did you try the forgot your password link on the login page
  1. Contact Platt Support

When emailing Platt Support include your name, the system or application you are inquiring about and a description of the event. Screen shots are always helpful.