Clinical Experiences

At Platt College, students are exposed to a wide variety of clinical settings—including hospitals, outpatient and community clinics, treatment centers, and long-term care facilities—as well as patient populations diverse in age, gender, health status, socioeconomic background, and geographic distribution.  Nursing students participate in approximately 840 hours of diverse and educationally rewarding clinical experiences. Most clinical facilities are located within a 70 mile radius of the College. Travel to and from clinical facilities is the student's responsibility so the use of a vehicle is expected.

Students have the opportunity to participate in 12 clinical courses including the following areas of nursing study:

  • Patient Centered Care
  • Health Assessment and Health Promotion
  • Nursing Care of Adults and Older Adults
  • Nursing Care of Pediatric Patients
  • Nursing Care of Persons with Mental Health Impairments
  • Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family
  • Nursing Care of the Community
  • High Acuity Nursing Care
  • Nursing Leadership
  • Capstone: Transition to Professional Nursing

In addition, students have opportunities to work independently with a nurse preceptor. The Senior Capstone occurs over a 180 hour period and provides a one on one educational learning experience with an professional nurse to develop competencies in a variety of specialties. Clinical experiences begin during the second quarter of study. 

The office of the Clinical Placement Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that students meet the health care and clinical site requirements for their clinical experiences. This office is also responsible for securing the appropriate off-campus clinical learning sites and faculty who teach in both on and off-campus clinical. Meeting these health care requirements is critical to your progression through the nursing curriculum.