Online Courses

Platt College supports the development of technology-based instruction in accordance with the College mission to “offer quality undergraduate education and to provide graduates with competencies, skills and levels of education for employment and continued success in higher education.  Platt College recognizes that communication technology offers faculty an increasing number of ways to provide instruction and that the internet allows development of asynchronous learning.

The following courses are implemented into the curriculum as eCombination courses. 

Blended Course (eCombination) is a course, accessible through the My Platt College course management platform, in which some traditional face-to-face "seat time" has been replaced by online learning activities. A blended (hybrid) course is designed to integrate face-to-face (60%) and online activities (40%) so that they reinforce, complement, and elaborate one another.

  • NSG 151 Introduction to Nursing Informatics
  • ENG 121 Reading and Writing in College I
  • NSG 460 Capstone: Transition to Practice

The following courses are implemented into the curriculum as eCourse courses. 

Online Learning Course Using Internet (eCourse) is a fully distance education course that is offered over the Internet using asynchronous and/or synchronous pedagogies.  Currently this type of internet-based courses uses the learning management platform (Comprehensive Academic Management Systems, called "Canvas" and referred to as My Platt College) as the mechanism to accomplish the teaching and learning process and means of transmitting information to and from the student.  In this type of class, there is no face-to-face meeting between instructor and students.  At Platt College, these courses are the only courses offered using the eCourse method.

  • NSG 233 Nursing Care of the Aging Adult
  • NSG 249 Legal and Ethical Concerns Impacting Nursing Practice
  • NSG 348 Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process
  • BIOL 112 Nutrition in Health and Illness
  • PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • PHIL 112 Critical Thinking
  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
  • HUM 101 Arts and Culture: An Introduction to Humanities
  • HS 150 U.S. History and Government