The Registrar’s Office performs the following functions: maintains student academic records, evaluates transfer and external credit, provides academic advising and class registration toward receiving a Platt College degree, monitors student attendance, issues official college transcripts, certifies enrollment and degree verification, publishes class schedules, assigns classroom space for courses and meetings, updates student information including name and address changes, archives college catalogs, and acts as the college’s FERPA compliance officer.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of the Registrar at Platt College is to support the educational mission of the institution, particularly as it relates to upholding high values of ethics and integrity when conducting registration, monitoring academic policies, and maintaining academic records.

Academic Advising and Registration Information

Academic advisement occurs on three levels: (1) course level advisement occurs between a student and his/her course faculty member, (2) enrollment level advisement occurs between a student and the College Registrar, and (3) program level advisement occurs between a student and the Dean of Nursing or applicable College Coordinator (i.e. Simulation Laboratory Coordinator, Clinical Placement Coordinator, Faculty Coordinator of Foundational Liberal Arts, Nursing Admissions Coordinator, Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator).

Advising may be completed informally or formally.  Formal advisement occurs in writing on the applicable form or on a Student Action Report (SAR).  Informal advisement occurs verbally.  Faculty members do not hold a formal role in academic advising beyond their own individual courses. 

Class Schedules are published at least 30 days prior to the start of a new quarter. Students are automatically registered for their courses in MyPlattCollege according to the course sequencing guide from their date of enrollment. Students must meet with the College Registrar if they would like to register for any courses out-of-sequence. Multiple lab sections for a course will require students to use technology to register. Registration information is emailed to students.

Certify Enrollment, Degree Verification, and Letter of Good Standing

To certify student enrollment or have a letter of good standing created, please email the Registrar so she may write one for you. To verify degrees, please fax an official verification form with a student-signed disclosure and release form to 303-745-1433 ATTN: Registrar.

Current Platt College Catalog

2018-2019 (effective August 10, 2018


    To order your official transcript, click here. The official transcript request form must be mailed directly to Platt College with a $5.00 processing fee (by money order, check, or cash); currently enrolled students are not required to pay this fee. The official transcript request form must be completely filled out and signed. Upon receipt, transcript requests are processed within 5-7 business days. Should there be an outstanding balance at the time of completion of a student's program at Platt College, Platt College may withhold issuance of a student's official transcript until the balance is reconciled. If you have a balance and are not able to receive an official transcript, contact the Director of Financial Services at 303-369-5151.

    President's List

    The President's List is a category of student's who earned a 3.50 GPA or above for a specific quarter of enrollment. Starting after Winter 2012, students with an academic status of "President's List" have this indicated on their official transcripts.

    Perfect Attendance List

    The Perfect Attendance List is a category of student's who earned perfect attendance for a specific quarter of enrollment. Starting after Winter 2012, students with a status of "Perfect Attendance" have this indicated on their official transcripts. Students who earn perfect attendance during their entire program of enrollment are awarded a green honor medal during their graduation ceremony.

    Name Changes

    If you changed your name and need to let the College know, you must fill out a name change form in the Registrar's Office. The form must accompany a copy of your updated social security card and another official document (such as a court order/marriage license or state driver's license).

    Change of Contact Information

    According to Policy 07:11:00 College Communication, mail, email, and telephone communications have all been adopted as approved tools for official communications from Platt College. Students, faculty, and staff should check their communication outlets regularly in order to stay up-to-date on important messages and notifications. Failure to read or listen to official College communications does not relieve students, faculty, and staff from knowing and complying with the content of official communications.

    Official contact information is maintained by the Registrar. Should students, faculty, or staff want to change or update their official contact information registered with Platt College, they should stop by the Registrar's Office or send updated information to the Registrar via email. They may also make contact information changes in their portal at MyPlattCollege. Please update the College on any changes of contact information: phone, email, or mailing address.

    Full-time Calculations

    At Platt College, the following applies:

    • 12+ quarter credit hours equals full-time
    • 9-11.5 quarter credit hours equals three-quarter time
    • 6-8.5 quarter credit hours equals half-time
    • Less than 6 quarter credit hours equals less than half-time

    Credit Hour Classification

    For the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the following applies to be considered a first year, second year, third year, or fourth year student. These credits include transfer credit hours:

    • First Year: 0-36 quarter credit hours
    • Second Year: 37-72 quarter credit hours
    • Third Year and Fourth Year: 73-198.5 quarter credit hours

    Reserving Classroom Space

    To reserve space on campus, please contact the Registrar via email. In the email, please detail what day, time, and number of seats you need. The Registrar will reply promptly with confirmation of your room reservation.


    FERPA gives certain rights to parents regarding their children’s educational records; however, rights transfer to the student upon reaching 18 years of age OR student is attending any school beyond the secondary level. For more information, see Policy 03:03:00 Confidentiality of Student Records, Policy Appendix: What Rights Do Parents Have Under FERPA?, Platt College's Annual Notification of FERPA, and the U.S. Department of Education's policy guide on parent rights.

    Further Information

    If you need additional information not found on this page of the website, please contact the Registrar's Office at (303) 369-5151.