Enrollment Procedures

The applicant must contact the School of Nursing after receiving notification of acceptance regarding his/her intent to attend the program. Any applicant, who fails to contact the School of Nursing within the stated date, forfeits his/her acceptance to the program and an applicant on the alternate list will be immediately contacted.

It is extremely important the School of Nursing has accurate mailing, phone contact and email information for this process to be conducted accurately and timely.

Step 1:  The Accepted Applicant will sign the Student Consent to Use of Electronic Signatures Form, the Pass to Progress Acknowledgement, the Clinical Compliance Attestation, and Attestation for Verification of Identity form.  The Accepted Applicant will sign the Catalog Attestation and Authorization to Send Electronic Messages Form. The Accepted Applicant will complete and sign the Distance Education Self-Evaluation prior to his/her enrollment appointment.*

*If applicant is unable to reach the threshold on the Distance Education Self-Evaluation form, the Coordinator of IT Services will provide the appropriate follow-up to ensure that the applicant has the skills, competencies, and access to technology necessary to succeed in a distance education environment prior to enrollment in to the program.

Step 2: The Accepted Applicant will schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid personnel. Financial Aid personnel will review the applicant’s financial package as well as the Enrollment Agreement. The Accepted Applicant will sign the Enrollment Agreement and initial the items listed on the Enrollment Agreement Checklist. The Accepted Applicant has three business days to notify Admissions personnel via email of cancellation. An Accepted Applicant that is cancelling will sign the Student Cancellation form sent from Admissions.

Step 3: Students are required to submit the most current background check, vaccinations, including flu shot, a BLS/CPR for Healthcare Provider card, a 10-panel drug screen, and the School of Nursing at Platt College Performance Standards to a cloud-based document management system which will provide compliance notifications and immunization tracking. This is required for participation in clinical education and individual healthcare systems may impose additional health, immunization, and performance standards which may result in the requirement to provide additional student documents. Please reference Policy 03:06:00 Background Checks for Students and Policy 02:21:00 Records Requirements for Clinical Placement for further information on requirements.

Step 4: Accepted Applicants will complete an online New Student Orientation course through Canvas prior to attending on-campus Orientation. Accepted Applicants will receive the on-campus New Student Orientation schedule from the Admissions Department and class schedule when it is finalized.