FAQs Regarding ADA at Platt College

May Platt College deny my admission because I have a disability?

No. If you meet the requirements for admission, complete the admissions process, and are selected based on the committee's review of your scoring rubric, the College may not deny your admission simply because you have a disability.

Do I have to inform Platt College that I have a disability?

No. But if you want the College to provide an accomodation, you must identify yourself as having a disability. Likewise, you should let the College know about your disability if you want to ensure that you are assigned to accessible facilities. In any event, your disclosure of a disability is always voluntary.

What accomodations must Platt College provide?

Appropriate accomodations must be determined based on your disability and individual needs. Accomodations may include auxiliary aids and services, as well as modifications to academic requirements as necessary to ensure equal educational opportunity that is neither a fundamental alteration nor an undue burden to the institution.

If I want an accomodation, what must I do?

You must inform the Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator that you have a disability and need an accomodation. Unlike high school, Platt College is not required to identify you as having a disability or to assess your needs. Instead, we require you to follow reasonable procedures to request an academic adjustment. You are responsible for knowing and following those procedures.  We have additional information about acquiring accomodations based on your status at Platt College: (1) Potential Applicant, (2) Student, or (3) Employee.

When should I request an accomodation(s)?

Although you may request an accomodation at any time, you should request it as early as possible. Platt College asks that all paperwork for reasonable accomodations and academic adjustments be made by 5:00 pm on the Friday before classes begin for the quarter.  While you may complete the process at any point in your time at Platt College, students may not ask for reconsideration of grades or previous work that was completed prior to official and applicable paperwork being completed and accomodations being set up on campus.

Do I have to prove that I have a disability to receive accomodations?

Yes. Platt College requires documentation showing that you have a current disability and need an academic adjustment.

What documentation do I have to provide for accomodations?

In order to provide official documentation, three forms must be completed: (Form 1): Accommodations Request; (Form 2): Permission for Release of Information; and (Form 3): Documentation of Disability-Related Need for an Accommodation

Additionally, comprehensive diagnostic reports documenting a disability from a qualified and licensed medical professional may be required.  A comprehensive diagnostic report should include a diagnosis, all standardized assessment scores, a narrative/interpretation of the scores, a description of the educational impact on the individual (based on diagnosis and assessment results) and recommendations. The diagnostic report must be on letterhead, typed, dated, and signed, and otherwise legible. The name, title, and professional credentials of the evaluator must be clearly stated. Professional credentials refer to an appropriately licensed professional qualified to administer and interpret diagnostic testing. 

Documentation on file should:

  • Be current, within the last 3 years.
  • State clearly the diagnosed disability and educational or medical documentation.
  • Describe the functional limitations resulting from the disability.
  • If medication is prescribed, list relevant medication and side effects that the individual may experience.
  • Describe the specific accommodations requested and explanation of why each accommodation is recommended.
  • For learning disabilities, provide all psychological and educational testing instruments used in the evaluation report and relevant subtest scores used to document the stated disability.

Once Platt College has received the necessary documentation from me, what should I expect?

Once the designated Platt College ADA Coordinator has received the three required forms and any additional umentation, an intake meeting is scheduled to discuss appropriate accommodations. The ADA Coordinator will confidential send letters to applicable faculty members outlining needed accommodations.

Who is the ADA Coordinator at Platt College and How May I Contact the Coordinator?

Darla Dolph, the Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator, serves as the ADA Coordinator.  She may be reached via email at darla.dolph@plattcolorado.edu or by phone at 303-369-5151 extention 231.

If you would like more information about the responsibilities of postsecondary schools to students with disabilities, read the OCR brochure Auxiliary Aids and Services for Postsecondary Students with Disabilities: Higher Education’s Obligations Under Section 504 and Title II of the ADA.