IT Student and Learning Management System Committee

(Reporting Channel = Vice President of Academic Affairs)

The IT Student and Learning Management System (ITSLMS) Committee considers and coordinates the IT, SMS, and LMS needs and recommendations of the other departments and/or committees as it pertains to technology, reconciles differences (if any), and suggests action plans for services and/or distributed needs regarding information technology. In addition to working with directives from departments and/or committees, the ITSLMS committee sends issues to particular committees to discuss, and/or directs the formation of workgroups around specific tasks (e.g. CAMS updates, etc).  This committee is composed of the College Registrar, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator, the Director of Financial Aid, the Director of Financial Services, the Dean of Nursing, the Associate Dean of Nursing, the President/CEO, the Nursing Admissions Coordinator, and the Executive Administrative Assistant.

Current Membership:

Mark Finken, Chair, Coordinator of IT Services

Katie Dahl, Registrar

Dr. Julie Basler, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Darla Dolph, Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator

Margie Rose, Director of Financial Aid

Robert Craver, Director of Financial Services

Dr. Hollie Caldwell, Dean of Nursing

Dr. Jama Goers, Associate Dean of Nursing

Jerald B. Sirbu, President/CEO

Rachael Hornbostel, Admissions Coordinator

Barb Jones, Executive Administrative Assistant

Tenative Meeting Schedule: Bi-Annually