Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

(Reporting Channel = Vice President of Academic Affairs)(Nursing = Dean, School of Nursing)           

The Program advisory committee is lay committee appointed to review the established curricula of the program, instructional-related program materials, equipment and facilities, and student achievement outcomes as a means to provide the College with an external review of its programs.  As such, they do not establish policy and/or procedures nor become involved in program or department operations. 

The College must have a diverse program advisory committee that includes qualified representatives from the employment community, practitioners, and others from the field of higher education, regulators, etc. as appropriate.  Program advisory committee meetings must include at least three members in attendance that represent the employment community and/or practitioners from the program area and at least one individual qualified to review and comments on the program’s general education and distance education requirements.

Current Membership:

Platt College Student Representation = two invited students per meeting

  • Patricia Armstrong, PhD, MSN, BSN, BA, RN-Dean of Health Science-Emily Griffith Technical College
  • Judy Burckhardy, PhD, MAEd, MSN, RN-Dean of Nursing-American Sentinel University
  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Colbeth, MS,RN,CPN-Preceptor Program Coordinator/Clinical Scholar/Clinical Placement Coordinator – Children’s Hospital of Colorado
  • Bennett Doliner - Clear Vision Media Solutions
  • Dalia Ghosh, MSN, BA, BSN – Clinical Placement Coordinator - Denver Health Medical Center
  • Deena Harrison, MA-University Development, Grand Canyon University
  • Lavone Hastings, RN-BC, BSN, M.MGT. – Manager/Professional Development - Porter Adventist Hospital
  • Deena Harrison, University Development - Grand Canyon University
  • Jonathan King, DO, JD, Associate Professor of Primary Care – Rocky Vista University, College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Steve Lewis, PhD- President and Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies – Rocky Mountain Bible College and Seminary
  • Nancy Near-Perse, RN, MSN-Student Placement Coordinator-Littleton Adventist Hospital
  • Pam Ninke, RN, BSN, Director of Rehabilitation Services– Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital/PSL
  • Connie Pardee, PhD, RN-BC,Professional Development Specialist – Children’s Hospital of Colorado
  • Evelyn Shinn, EdD, MSN, MAT, BSN, RN-Faculty, Director of Nursing-Emily Griffith Technical College
  • Suzie Szaltzer, RN, Nurse Recruiter – Craig Hospital
  • Victoria Vowell, RN, MSN, Medical Surgical Clinical Scholar Coordinator – Saint Joseph’s Hospital

April and October