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Using My Platt College to Enhance Learning

Student Glossary of Terms Related to Course Delivery:

Online learning is a formal educational process in which the majority of the instruction (interaction between students and faculty and among students) in a course occurs when students and faculty are not in the same place. Instruction may be synchronous or asynchronous. Online learning may employ correspondence study, audio, video, and/or computer technologies.

  1. Online Learning Course Using Internet (eCourse) is a fully distance education course that is offered over the Internet using asynchronous and/or synchronous pedagogies.  In this type of class, there is no face-to-face meeting between instructor and students. 
  2. Blended Course (eCombination) is a course in which some traditional face-to-face "seat time" has been replaced by online learning activities.  A blended (hybrid) course is designed to integrate face-to-face and online activities so that they reinforce, complement, and elaborate one another.
  3. Web-Enhanced Course (eCompanion) is a Web-enhanced (traditional (face-to-face) class that uses a course management platform to accompany the class.  The eCompanion can function in a variety of ways, depending on the goals of the course and the desire of the faculty member to enrich his or her course.  Assigned activities will vary, depending on the faculty member and the discipline. The time spent using the eCompanion does not replace any of the face-to-face teaching-learning process, but serves to augment it.
  4. Evaluation (eComment) is an electronic version of Platt College’s student evaluation of faculty and of classes, clinical experiences, and/or lab classes.  Additionally eComment includes a section that measures students’ comfort and experience with technology, and a section that measures the mechanics of course delivery (i.e., was the system frequently down, was the system easy to use, etc.)

My Platt College is a comprehensive academic management system for colleges and universities worldwide. From first contact with a prospective student through graduation and alumni relations, My Platt College efficiently manages the full student lifecycle by combining into one solution.

  • Platt College SMS is the systems management server that serves in the daily functions of the College operations.
  • Platt College LMS is the learning management system that serves as the Internet based course management system for academic programs.
  • Platt College IT resources is the generic and global term used to describe all of the electronic resources used in teaching-learning and operational processes at Platt College. These typically include, but are not limited to: software, hardware, support, email, etc.

Class Schedule

Classes are scheduled between 7:30 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Classes may also be scheduled between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm on Saturdays.  Nursing clinical experiences may be scheduled at anytime, Monday through Sunday depending on the individual clinical availability. Online courses may be accessed 24/7 during the normal academic calendar dates.

Change of Address

Students are responsible for keeping their current mailing address and phone numbers updated with the College. To update personal information, log-in to My Platt College and click “edit profile.”

Employment Commitments

Many students find it necessary to work while enrolled in College to help defray living and educational expenses. The nursing curriculum is demanding and requires preparation and study time in addition to scheduled classes and clinical experiences.  Students who try to balance workloads greater than 20 hours per week and a full-time academic load often place themselves at academic jeopardy. Certain practicum experiences involve intensive clinical work and require full-time attention. Students should plan accordingly for such experiences and may reduce or eliminate entirely other work commitments during intensive clinical or classroom experiences.

Faculty Office Hours

Full-time faculty members post office hours every quarter, either on their classroom door, office door, in the My Platt College portal or provide contact information in the course syllabi.

Jury Duty

The College believes that jury duty is a civic obligation. Therefore, the College allows time away to fulfill this obligation according to the following provisions:

  • Notify the faculty as far in advance as possible of the court appearance to allow for scheduling requirements.
  • Arrange to be in class during periods when excused from jury duty.

Managing Personal Items

Platt College is not responsible for personal property that is lost, damaged or stolen from the premises.

The School of Nursing Policies and Procedures

Students are responsible and accountable for the information, policies, and procedures contained within the Student Handbook, the Platt College Catalog, and in Platt College policies and procedure. The School of Nursing's policies and procedures and those of Platt College are found on the Platt College website under Policies & Procedures.

Smoking on Campus

Platt College provides a smoke-free environment, including electronic cigarettes. Public hallways, classrooms, and restroom areas are non-smoking in accordance with the City of Aurora regulations. Smoking is permitted outside the building in the designated area. No smoking is allowed inside the Platt College building either upstairs or downstairs.