Classroom Expectations

Electronic Devices

Each nursing student is required to have a laptop computer during class. The purpose is to promote access to information and to reinforce learning. However, students found using the laptop computer during class for personal business or entertainment may be dismissed from class and an absence recorded.

Electronic devices such as cell phones and pagers must be turned off during class periods or while in the clinical area. If a cell phone or pager rings or beeps during class, the nursing faculty may confiscate the device immediately. Students may not use PDAs or calculators during any examination unless directed otherwise by the nursing faculty.

Request permission from the faculty member to take photographs, or make voice or video recordings during nursing lectures and laboratories. Voice and video recordings are not permitted in the clinical practicum sites.

Course Syllabi

At the beginning of each quarter, each student receives a course syllabus.  Refer to your syllabi so you will know what is to be covered in each day’s class.

You are responsible for the content contained in course syllabi.

You are responsible for meeting course criteria as directed and on-time.  Any questions about course assignment or examinations must be addressed with your faculty member prior to due date.

Evaluation methods are explained in the syllabi for each course. 

The student course guide serves as a tool to help you prepare for each class period.  While it rarely happens, please note that occasionally the schedule may vary according to class needs (i.e. inclement weather, more attention to content area, etc.)  Students will be notified in class of any changes. 

Exam Procedures

Exams are the property of Platt College and may not be removed from the testing environment by any means, for any reason, at any time.
Students with documented disabilities, according to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), should contact the Academic Support and Career Placement Coordinator to facilitate accommodations. 

Exam Grades

According to Policy 02:06:00 Uniform Grading Policy and due to FERPA, grades may not be forwarded to students via email, phone, nor by posting. In accordance with FERPA, grades must be kept in a secure location with the faculty member or other College official until collected personally by the student via My Platt College.

Exam Reviews

Exam reviews are held at the discretion of the faculty.  Any student may elect to review an exam on an individual basis by contacting the faculty member for an appointment.

During an exam review, the desk top should be cleared of all personal items, books, and electronic devices including, but not limited to laptop computers, scanning pens, iPods, cell phones, PDAs, pocket PCs, earphones, etc.

Exams may not leave the exam review environment by any fashion or means.

Disability Accommodation for Exams

Students whose disability requires them to take examinations with accommodations must make arrangements with the Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator as stated in the Section entitled Procedures for Perspective Students and Enrolled Students from Policy 03:05:00 ADA.

Exam Rescheduling

In accordance with Policy 02:19:00 Examination Scheduling/Rescheduling Requests, all efforts should be made to avoid missing a scheduled examination, including ATI examinations.  If a student has an extenuating circumstance and an exam needs to be rescheduled ahead of the scheduled examination date, the student will need to submit a Request to Reschedule an Exam to the applicable faculty member.  The faculty member may approve or disapprove the request.

Work schedules, travel schedules, and vacation plans do not serve as extenuating circumstances for an examination or an ATI examination to be rescheduled. ATI examination rescheduling must be approved by the Dean of Nursing. 

If a student misses a regularly scheduled examination, he/she should coordinate taking the make-up exam and/or in turn in any missing assignments with the faculty member within a week of returning back to class. Consequences for taking the exam late are left up to the faculty and are identified in course syllabi.

Students are reminded that the Honor Code is in effect for the entire exam period as stated in Policy 02:17:00 Academic Integrity.  The Code prohibits asking for, or giving, any information between students about administered exams, including seemingly innocuous statements like the exam was "easy" or "hard."

Penalties for Unauthorized Possession of Exams

Platt College takes the unauthorized possession of exams by any individual other than the faculty very seriously.The possible penalties for such possession range from receiving a zero for an exam, to temporary or permanent suspension, or expulsion from the College.

Written Assignments

All grades assignments must meet the requirement of the faculty for presentation (typed or hand-written) and referencing.  When required, please use the most recently published version of the American Psychological Association (APA) manual.

All required written assignments are considered late if received by faculty after 5:00 pm on the schedule due date, unless otherwise stated by the course faculty.

The consequences for turning in late assignments are determined by course faculty as stated in syllabi.  An exception to this policy will be made only if the student has made prior arrangements with the respective faculty member.