Nursing Program Progression

Nursing Program Progression

The maximum number of enrollments in any one course in the program is two regardless of the reason for enrollment/re-enrollment (failure, withdraw WP, WF, WA, and LOA). 

The maximum number of failures and/or withdraw failures across the program curriculum is four regardless of the category of failure (failure, WF). Failure and/or withdraw failure on the first course attempt of any four different courses at any point in the program will result in permanent termination from the College. 

This policy applies to foundational liberal arts, foundational sciences, and nursing curriculum courses. All students must pass courses according to their applicable grading scales within Policy 02:06:00 Uniform Grading.


  • NSG 151-WF
  • COM 210- F
  • NSG 385- D
  • STAT 250- F (student now terminated)

*The courses listed above are examples, there can be any single or combination of courses or a combination of failure withdraw failing grade occurring at any point in the curriculum.

If terminated as a result of this policy, a student may not apply for re-admission unless the individual meets terms as described in the Policy 02:23:00 Reinstatement After Withdrawal or Termination.

For more information about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), see Policy 02:24:00 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).