Subscription/Registration-Clinical Scheduling System

The following instructions and screen shots are provided to help students register and sign into My Clinical Exchange. 

Registering for myClinicalExchange 

Navigate to  (we recommend that you follow this link or copy/paste it into your web browser.  Internet Explorer 8x or 9x is preferred certified browser for our app).  You will be navigated to a registration page like this one.

Fill out all the information possible on the left side including:

College or University: Platt College                                                                          

Program: Nursing                  

(Cohort  N/A )

Anything with a red asterisk is required.  Please use your official e-mail address issued to you by Platt College and NOT a personal email such as gmail, aol, yahoo etc.

On the right side, select the top option if you only want access to the mCE platform.  Choose the second option ONLY if your College is also using eStarPortfolio.

Please enter the Promo Code COACE to receive the discounted price of $36.50 ($35 + $1.50 service fee) and click “Apply”. 

There are NO refunds and NO transfers if you purchase the wrong item, forget to enter the Promo Code or leave your University’s Program!!!

Read the Privacy and Terms and Web App Usage Terms of Service before checking the box on the bottom right.  Click “Submit” and you will be navigated to the payment page.

Review the pricing on the left.  Make sure your promo code has dropped the total price to $36.50.

If you already have a PayPal account, choose the option at the top, log in and pay via your PayPal account.

If you do not have a PayPal Account, fill in all the information in the lower box and click “Continue”.  You are navigated to the payment page.

Fill in your credit card information.  Click “Review and Continue” at the bottom of the page to review your final purchase. 

After reviewing click the final submit button.  A confirmation page will appear showing that you have paid and giving you a receipt number.  Keep this for your records.

You are now registered for myClinicalExchange and can be scheduled into a rotation.  Please allow up to 3 business days for your payment to be activated.  At that time, read below for instructions on how to log into myClinicalExchange for the first time.

Logging into myClinicalExchange

Thank you for your recent registration with myClinicalExchange.  You will get this email message.  You are then ready to login to myClincialExchange:

Navigate to (we recommend that you follow this link or copy/paste it into your web browser.  Internet Explorer 8x or 9x is preferred certified browser for our app).  Enter your email address into the box after “login ID” Click on the “Forgot Password?” link in the upper right corner and the mCE system will prompt you for your Username( login ID) email address.  All Usernames were created using the e-mail address you used to register for mCE in the previous step (which should have been your school-issued e-mail address).  Your password will also be e-mailed to this address so please DO NOT use your gmail, yahoo or other personal e-mail address.  The system will not recognize a personal e-mail address and you will not receive an e-mail with your password.

Please check your inbox for an e-mail from assigning you a password.  If you do not see an e-mail from this address, please check your junk folder.  You will want to designate as a “Safe Sender” so that further e-mails from myClinicalExchange come directly to your inbox.  If you still do not see the e-mail, contact your school’s IT department as their firewalls may have prevented the delivery of the e-mail.  Let them know that all future e-mails from domain should be marked as a “Safe Sender” so that you do not have further issues.

Once you log in please do the following:

  • Click your name in the upper right corner to reset your password with a password of your choice.
  • Your Home Screen will display any rotations that have been approved by the “network” of Hospitals and by your Academic Institution.  You will also be able to see the rotation details and all related documents.  Click on the hyperlinked “Rotational Documents”.  This will navigate you to a new page where you can view documents pushed to your from the Hospital, give electronic consent to items and upload and required documents.
  • Watch the training videos by clicking on the link in the upper right corner.  These brief videos will show you how to quickly and easily navigate the mCE site.

If your screen is blank, that means you have not yet been scheduled for a rotation in the mCE system.  Please contact your Clinical Coordinator at your school to resolve this issue. 

If you have registered for mCE plus the Portfolio (clinical journal), please be aware that the system will be activated after configuration and initial set up with your Academic Institution. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Clinical Coordinator at your Academic Institution.  We wish you a successful year and trust you will find mCE a simple and helpful tool in your academic career.