Academic Resources for Students

Platt College provides a variety of services to help you succeed. The Academic Support and Career Services Center is designed for all College students both on campus and online.


Online student tutoring is available in numerous subjects via the Smartthinking service. Students may visit the Smarthinking website for sample tutorials that demonstrate how the online tutoring platform works, and how students and tutors interact in the process of addressing a question.

Knowledge Resource Library

The Knowledge Resource Library staff provides outstanding resources and professional technical skills to users, collaborates with faculty and students in individual and group settings, and assists with the instruction of critical thinking skills for lifelong learning. The Knowledge Resource Library's mission is to provide on ground and online services that are equivalent to services provided at traditional campus libraries. The library provides the following services:

  • Reference Service: includes in-person, e-mail and reference desk phone support
  • Interlibrary Loan Services

The Virtual Library was established to provide online search capabilities, reference materials, databases, journals and other research services to students and faculty This student service is accessible through the My Platt College NSGKRLALL course.

Career Services

The Academic Support and Career Services Office is available for all students to assist them in writing or rewriting resumes; preparing for interviews; and/or looking for occupations that matches their interests, skills and experience, this website provides a wealth of information to achieve career and educational goals.  Darla Dolph, Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator, oversees career services and works with students prior to graduation to help prepare them for a career as a professional registered nurse. 

There are 4 ways to stay in touch:

  • Complete the on-line form and submit;
  • Complete and fax a printable update form to 303-745-1433;
  • Complete and mail a printable update form to Platt College 3100 S. Parker Rd. Aurora, CO 80014;
  • Call 303-369-5151 to speak to the Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator.

All information submitted will be considered for publication unless otherwise stated.

Computers, Printers, Copiers, and Internet Service

Campus computers are available in the Student Services commons area and the Knowledge Resource Library, both located on the first floor of the building. Students may print free of charge and use the copier machine on campus located inside the Knowledge Resource Library.  While our students attend Platt College with their own lap tops, directions for how to set up each lap top to the student copier/printer is available through IT support.  When printing or copying at the College, please be mindful of the environment and consider printing double-sided if printing is a must.

Connecting to the Internet at Platt College is simple. Your devices should connect automatically daily when you walk onto campus.  There is no log in.

Study Success and NCLEX Review

We want to help you succeed from beginning to end of your nursing program.  The study success course, offered during the first-quarter of attendance at Platt College, is designed to help strengthen and support students during their academic journey. Guidance courses focus on development of the whole person as students learn college success strategies and life management skills. The course helps students identify personal, educational, and career goals and make satisfying decisions for transition to the workforce as productive members of society. The learning and self-management skills developed in student success courses can serve a lifetime. The course is designed to provide students with the skills necessary for achieving personal, academic, and career success. 

NCLEX Review, while a focus throughout the program, is specifically and carefully reviewed during the last quarter of study prior to graduation.

Disability Services

To ensure Platt College provides quality undergraduate education to students, the College seeks to provide an environment conducive to learning, teaching, working, and participating in diverse learning activities. Platt College strives to be supportive of the academic, personal and work related needs of each individual and is committed to facilitating the full participation of students with a disability in the life of the College.

Platt College recognizes and supports the standards set forth in Section 504 of the Rehabilitations Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which are designed to prevent discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities. In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, students are encouraged to contact the Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator at the beginning of their program for possible assistance with accommodations. Platt College is committed to equal access and participation for all persons, including those with disabilities, in academic and other programs sponsored by Platt College. The Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator assists the College community to create and maintain a welcoming, accessible environment for perspective students, students and employees with disabilities. For more information about Disability Services at Platt College, please visit the College's Disability Services webpage dedicated to walking applicants, students, and employees through the process accommodations requests.