Capstone Experience

Congratulations! Considering you are reviewing this page, it means you are close to completing your professional nursing degree at Platt College.  This page is designed to outline the procedures regarding capstone placements.


All capstone students are guaranteed a Medical Surgical placement.  As you have been educated to be a generalist nurse, the medical surgical capstone environment is an excellent place to gain experience.  If you are interested in completing a capstone in a specialty area, you must complete a Capstone Application (see instructions below) and submit it to the Associate Dean, Jen Jones, by the stated deadline.  Specialty capstone placements are competitive and will be given to the highest performing students.  This performance does not only include academic performance, but clinical performance, as well. 

Specialty Capstone Areas

  • Mental Health

  • Pediatrics

  • Labor and Delivery


  • Emergency Department

  • ICU

  • NICU

Please submit your application in a folder to Associate Dean Jen Jones via in person to Barb Jones, Executive Administrative Assistant.  Email applications will not be accepted.


The deadlines for specialty capstone placements are strict due to hospital requirements.  They are not negotiable.  The deadline for all specialty areas, EXCEPT pediatrics at Children's Hospital in Colorado, is 30 days after day one of Quarter 11.  All students who are interested in a capstone placement at Children's Hospital must contact the Clinical Coordinator, Sharon Tugume, by the and of Week One in Quarter 9 for instructions.  All other pediatric requests are due 30 days after day one of Quarter 11.  To confirm the start of each quarter, please visit the events calendar available on the College website.

2020/2021 Due Dates (with the exception of Children's Hospital in Colorado):

Fall Quarter, for Capstone in Winter 2021: October 14, 2020

Winter Quarter, for Capstone in Spring 2021:  February 3, 2021

Spring Quarter, for Capstone in Summer 2021:  April 28, 2021

Summer Quarter, for Capstone in Fall 2021:  July 21, 2021

Fall Quarter, for Capstone in Winter 2022:  October 13, 2021

Capstone Application Requirements:

  • Resume
  • Comprehensive ATI Transcript
  • Letter of Intent
  • Recommendation letter from didactic faculty and clinical faculty
  1. Resume

Some hospital systems require a resume to be submitted with their specialty capstone application.  Please submit an updated resume.  You may choose any business professional template for your resume.

  1. Comprehensive ATI Transcript

In order to be considered for specialty capstone placement, you must have a minimum of a Level 2 on all ATIs.  Please note, you may take each ATI a maximum of three times to achieve a Level 2.  This includes taking ATI exams for a second time when retaking a course.  To schedule your ATI retakes, please see Barb Jones, Executive Administrative Assistant.

  1. Letter of Intent

The letter of intent should be an explanation of why you want a specialty capstone placement, and why you think the placement is warranted.  This letter may include items such as your GPA, volunteer work, or current employment.  It is important for the clinical team at Platt College to know if you work at a healthcare facility, as some locations require this information prior to capstone acceptance.

  1. Recommendation Letters

You must obtain a recommendation letter from your didactic instructor in the specialty area you are applying.  If that faculty member is no longer employed at Platt College, please contact the Associate Dean for additional instructions. Recommendation letters from clinical faculty are highly encouraged.  You may also submit recommendation letters from current or past employers. 

Request for a Specific Site:

If you have a specific clinical site that you would like to attend for your capstone experience, but would like to be in a medical surgical area, you must submit a Letter of Intent detailing your request.  The Letter of Intent must be printed and submitted to the Associate Dean, Jen Jones, by the appropriate application due date.  Electronic copies will not be accepted.

For additional information regarding this process, please contact Associate Dean Jen Jones