Disciplinary and Legal Sanctions for Students and Employees in Violation of Policy

In accordance with Policy 03:07:00 Drug-Free Campus and Policy 05:17:00 Drug-Free Workplace

I.  General

Platt College students and employees are prohibited from engaging in the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, use of, or being under the influence of, illicit drugs and/or alcohol on Platt College campus, property owned or controlled by Platt College, or as part of any Platt College activity.  This policy applies to all students regardless of enrollment status. 

II.  Students

In addition to penalties students may be subject to under local, state or federal law, students violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not necessarily limited to:

  1. Probation
  2. Suspension
  3. Required participation in, and satisfactory completion of drug/alcohol counseling or rehabilitation programs
  4. Expulsion from school

In recognition of our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthful learning environment, the manufacture, distribution, sale, purchase, possession, or use of a controlled substance, whether alcohol, illegal drugs, or legal drugs used illegally, is prohibited on school premises.  Being under the influence of controlled substances while on school premises is also prohibited.  Only prescription medications provided under a licensed healthcare provider’s signature and supervised by that healthcare provider, and over-the-counter medications used as instructed by the manufacturer are allowed to be used on school premises.  

As is Platt College, all clinical sites are considered drug free facilities and any student that is found in violation of this policy will be terminated from the program and reported to the authorities.

Unannounced drug screening may be required of students.  Random and “for cause” drug screens may be done.  If the drug screen is returned positive for alcohol or an illegal substance of a drug for which the student does not have a prescription, the student can be terminated from the program.  If a student does not give a specimen for the drug screen, or refuses to give the required specimen, the student will be considered to have a positive drug screen and will be subject to disciplinary action.  The student is responsible for any costs associated with the drug and alcohol screening process. 

Platt College reserves the right to conduct searches for controlled substances at any time on all school property.  These searches can include personal belongings such as bags, brief cases, desks, tool boxes, lap top cases, and vehicles.  However, searches of personal property will occur only if use and /or possession is suspected.  There will be no involuntary personal searches.  However, an individual who refuses to cooperate will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including a written warning for insubordination.  College property can be searched at any time.  Any controlled substance found in such searches will be confiscated by authorized college personnel, and held for possible legal action.