Nurse Leaders Recognized for Service to Nursing Program

The School of Nursing awarded Pam Ninke, RN, BSN (Director of Rehabilitation Services at Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital) and Victoria Vowell, RN, MSN (Medical Surgical Clinical Scholar Coordinator from Saint Joseph's Hospital) with service awards for serving on the nursing program's advisory committee.  Ninke was awarded a 10-year service award for her service to the nursing program since program inception.  Vowell was awarded a 5+ years service award for her 7 years of service. 

The Program advisory committee is lay committee appointed to review the established curricula of the program, instructional-related program materials, equipment and facilities, and student achievement outcomes as a means to provide the College with an external review of its programs. Dr. Hollie Caldwell presented the service awards to Ninke and Vowell at the fall program advisory committee meeting held on campus on October 29, 2015.  During the presentation, Caldwell remarked that "the service that both Ms. Ninke and Ms. Vowell have provided over the years to the nursing program ensures that the program continued to meet high quality student outcomes.  Having external feedback from nursing constituents is crucial to the well-being of the program as a whole.  We are fortunate to have two well-respected nursing leaders from the community participate in helping the program continue to reach its goals."  Not pictured is Susi Szaltzer, RN, Nurse Recruiter from Craig Hospital, who will be awarded a 10-year service award at the next meeting in spring 2016.  Pictured left to right is Caldwell, Vowell and Ninke. 




Dr. Jean Schroeder and Ms. Rachael Hornbostel Recognized Across the State

Every year, the Colorado Association of Career Colleges & Schools (CACCS) compiles nominees for “Faculty Member of the Year” and “Staff Member of the Year” from schools throughout Colorado. Each school is requested to make one nomination for each category.

This year Platt College nominated Dr. Jean Schroeder for faculty member of the year, and Rachael Hornbostel for staff member of the year. 

Nursing Graduates Celebrate the Tradition of the Nightingale Pledge

Nursing students from the School of Nursing at Platt College take the Nightingale Pledge at their recent graduation/pinning ceremony at a hotel near Denver. 

The Nightingale Pledge was once taken by all new professional nurses upon first entering the nursing profession. It was named after the famous nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, who was a championed English nurse. Nightingale laid the foundations of modern nursing with her nursing school at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London (now part of King’s College in London).

Learn More about attending Nursing School within Minutes of Denver

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Welcome to Platt College

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Platt College is a nursing school, located minutes from Denver, that focuses on quality undergraduate education; in fact, it's our mission. We are glad that you have chosen to peruse our website firsthand.  We think the friendliness of our campus community and rich heritage of higher education for more than 29 years will become apparent as you begin to consider a career in nursing at Platt College.  You'll quickly see why Platt College is one of Colorado’s most easily accessible nursing program, offering a Bachelor of Science degree (BSN) in as little as 36 months with no prerequisites needed. We are committed to student success and we believe success is best fostered in an environment of mutual respect, caring, and high expectations.

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The faculty seeks to instill in students a commitment to life-long learning and a passion for professional nursing practice. It is our goal to never lose sight of these goals as we assist students in progressing through our curriculum.

The School of Nursing at Platt College is a distinctive community. Our decisions and the way we approach day-to-day challenges are based on our core values of diversity, excellence in the learning process, ethics and integrity, personal growth and community. The competencies of our nursing program serve as the road map on a journey to becoming a professional nurse and it is our job to help develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that serve students in areas that have become expectations for the profession of nursing within the 21st century.

At Platt College, we challenge students to be open to learning all there is to know about the nursing process, nursing informatics, evidence-based practice, professional standards, and inter-professional communication and collaboration.

When students graduate from Platt College, it is our hope that graduates have grown personally and professionally and that their ability to value the role of the professional nurse and the impact upon individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations is forever changed.

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