My, My, My-Look How We've Grown-Platt College Turns 30

Pictured left to right: Platt College's first graduation ceremony held in 1987, beside a recent picture from nurses week that shows how in 30 years the College has most certainly grown.

When I officially became President of Platt College on June 6, 1986, a gallon of gasoline cost $.89, the average price for a new automobile was $9,250,and the norm American yearly income was $22,450.  Today, a lot has changed in the economy and in the world, but one constant has remained--the quality undergraduate education that students receive at Platt College.

Many educational milestones have been set and reached since our initial enrollment in 1986.  Besides celebrating 30 years as a College, this year also marks the 10th year anniversary for our nursing program, a prelicensure Bachelor of Science program that was awarded renewal of accreditation for a period of 8 years through the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) in April of 2016. Likewise, the College was awarded the School of Excellence award from its previous accreditation cycle with the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and anticipates another successful renewal in 2017.

During Platt College’s 30th anniversary celebration, we reflect on our past, never resting on our laurels, but instead compelling our students to think beyond the textbook and challenge the basic assumptions of our culture. Students come to Platt College for many reasons, but our size and our people are key. Platt’s small, seminar-style classes provide individual attention in a powerful learning environment. Our faculty members are recognized leaders in their fields. They are managers, credentialed nurses, researchers, published writers, and accomplished scholars. Each brings practical, tested experience to the classroom.

I am sincerely grateful for the collaboration and dedication of our Board of Directors, administrators, faculty, staff, program advisory committee members, and entire College community. 

William Butler Yeats once said, ”Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” As we embark in our next 30 years of excellence at Platt College, we know the fire of learning will continue, and many new sparks of ideas will begin.  The future of Platt College is bright! The best is yet to come.

-Jerald B. Sirbu, President/CEO


Associate Dean of Nursing Earns PhD in Nursing

Pictured third on the right is Dr. Jama Goers jumping high on the sandy beaches of South Carolina in celebration of her doctoral graduation.  Goers, a Platt College graduate, and an employee of Platt College who serves as Simulation Lab Coordinator and Associate Dean, officially graduated with her PhD in nursing on Friday, May 20 at the Medical University of South Carolina.  Her research focus is exploring current practices of clinicians in the intensive care unit to identify management strategies, facilitators, and barriers of managing delirium.


Nursing Graduates Celebrate the Tradition of the Nightingale Pledge

Nursing students from the School of Nursing at Platt College take the Nightingale Pledge at their recent graduation/pinning ceremony at a hotel near Denver. 

The Nightingale Pledge was once taken by all new professional nurses upon first entering the nursing profession. It was named after the famous nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, who was a championed English nurse. Nightingale laid the foundations of modern nursing with her nursing school at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London (now part of King’s College in London).

Learn More about attending Nursing School within Minutes of Denver

Perhaps you have thought about becoming a nurse, but you thought the timing wasn't right...or you thought maybe next year...well-there is no better time to begin exploring your options at Platt College.

Platt College is a college dedicated to the field of professional nursing.  Whether this is your second degree or first time in college, we are sure that Platt College has something to offer you.  The School of Nursing at Platt College offers a Bachelor of Science Degree (BSN) in just 36 months. 

Welcome to Platt College

Earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in just 36 months......

Platt College is a nursing school, located minutes from Denver, that focuses on quality undergraduate education; in fact, it's our mission. We are glad that you have chosen to peruse our website firsthand.  We think the friendliness of our campus community and rich heritage of higher education for more than 30 years will become apparent as you begin to consider a career in nursing at Platt College.  You'll quickly see why Platt College is one of Colorado’s most easily accessible nursing program, offering a Bachelor of Science degree (BSN) in as little as 36 months with no prerequisites needed. We are committed to student success and we believe success is best fostered in an environment of mutual respect, caring, and high expectations.

We like to keep our classes small and our value big. We believe with dedication, perseverance, and hard work, each of you may realize your goal of becoming a professional nurse.

The faculty seeks to instill in students a commitment to life-long learning and a passion for professional nursing practice. It is our goal to never lose sight of these goals as we assist students in progressing through our curriculum.

The School of Nursing at Platt College is a distinctive community. Our decisions and the way we approach day-to-day challenges are based on our core values of diversity, excellence in the learning process, ethics and integrity, personal growth and community. The competencies of our nursing program serve as the road map on a journey to becoming a professional nurse and it is our job to help develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that serve students in areas that have become expectations for the profession of nursing within the 21st century.

At Platt College, we challenge students to be open to learning all there is to know about the nursing process, nursing informatics, evidence-based practice, professional standards, and inter-professional communication and collaboration.

When students graduate from Platt College, it is our hope that graduates have grown personally and professionally and that their ability to value the role of the professional nurse and the impact upon individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations is forever changed.

Platt College is a privately owned and operated institution of higher education.  It is not affiliated with any other Platt College locations in the United States. 

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