Academic Calendar

All academic programs are offered on a twelve (12) week quarter system.

This calendar is subject to change at any time prior to or during an academic term due to emergencies or causes beyond the reasonable control of the college, including severe weather, loss of utility services, or orders by federal or state agencies. 

Classes are scheduled between 7:30 am and 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Nursing clinical experiences may be scheduled at anytime Monday through Sunday, depending on the individual clinical availability. Online courses may be accessed 24/7 during the normal academic calendar dates.

Summer 2023June 26July 2Sept 3Sept 5-Sept 7Sept 8July 4
Sept 4
Sept 11-15
Fall 2023Sept 18Sept 24Dec 3Dec 4-6Dec 8Nov 20-24Dec 7-Jan 7
Winter 2024Jan 8Jan 14March 17March 18-20March 22Jan 15March 25-29