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what is the transfer credit per quarter credit hour?

The transfer credit per quarter credit is a fee included into your tuition that is only counted toward classes accepted into Platt College as Transfer Credit.

what are the quarterly fees used for?

The quarterly fees are used for to supply Platt College with the appropriate equipment and essential materials our instructors need to educate our students.

how can i find out the estimated cost of my attendance?

See the link below to esitmate your cost.

Understanding what all is covered in your tuition is essential. We work with you to help you understand your cost of attendance but also help you find aid that won't break the bank. Whether you are a first-time college student or a transfer student looking to complete your nursing course, we've estimated your cost.

The current tuition breakdown for Platt College is $415.00 per quarter credit hour. A one-year snapshot is based on a period of 9 months.

Transfer credit review is a one-time cost of $50.00.  If transfer credit is accepted according to Policy 02:14:00, then the fee to transfer credit per quarter credit hour is $75.00.

The application fee is $75.00.

Quarterly Fees

To help divide the fees into manageable increments, Platt College charges a flat fee each quarter for lab, supplies, clinicals, and information technology.

Fees Per Quarter:

  • Lab = $150
  • Supplies = $140
  • Clinical = $480
  • Information Technology = $360

Additional Fees

  • TEAS Examination = approximately $115 (paid to vendor)
  • Background Check and Drug Screen = $80 (paid to vendor)
  • Scrubs = $175
  • My Clinical Exchange Subscription = $39.50 (one-time fee paid to vendor)
  • Complio = $58 (one-time fee paid to vendor)
  • Laptop Computer = $1,000 approx. (paid to vendor of choice)
  • ACLS Certification = $200 (one-time fee paid to vendor
  • On average, the cost of books and nursing kits cost approximately $7,500 program total