Life at Platt

Life at Platt College

Whether grabbing a quick lunch in the student lounge or meeting with fellow nursing students to practice skills, Platt College offers students a learning community that is open, inclusive, safe, and well-supported by faculty and staff.

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Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm

Upcoming Events at Platt College

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Life looks different at Platt College. We recognize that our students come from all different walks of life. Whether you are first-time degree seeking student or coming back to school after years at home to follow a passion you have always had to be a professional nurse, one thing everyone at Platt College has in common is they love everything nursing!

We are rooted in a community of people who are compassionate givers; givers of their time, talents, and passions to ensure that humankind remains at the forefront of every thought process that is created.

Life at Platt College may look different, but it's simple-our students connect in a variety of ways with one another, with their faculty and staff, and with the people they observe and provide patient care for as a student nurse and beyond.

Platt College at a Glance

  • Founded in 1986
  • BSN program since 2005
  • 100% faculty graduate prepared
  • Over 80% of our staff holds master's degrees or higher
  • Employment rate over 85%
  • NCLEX first-time pass rate 78%

Get Involved

We may be a commuter campus, but there's lots of ways to be involved in the Platt College community. Our organizations allow students with similar interests and backgrounds to build professional peer relationships. And, at Platt College, we believe that students' voices should be heard; that's why there are lots of opportunities to serve on a community for the College along side faculty, staff, and administration.

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