Academic Policies and Procedures

Policy 02:01:00 Degree Requirements

Policy 02:02:00 Curriculum Development and Revision

Policy 02:03:00 Selection of Textbooks and Materials

Policy 02:04:00 Course Syllabi

Policy 02:05:00 Student Attendance (Interim Policy for COVID)

Policy 02:06:00 Uniform Grading Policy

Policy 02:07:00 Grade Change Policy

Policy 02:08:00 External Credit Policy

Policy 02:09:00 Evaluation of Student Performance

Policy 02:10:00 Faculty Proficiency in Oral and Written English

Policy 02:11:00 Faculty Selection Criteria and Process

Policy 02:12:00 Part-Time Faculty

Policy 02:13:00 Textbooks/Instructional Materials and Conflict of Interest

Policy 02:14:00 Transfer Credit

Policy 02:15:00 Pass to Progress

Policy 02:16:00 Informal Complaint and Grievance Policy

Policy 02:17:00 Academic Integrity

Policy 02:18:00 BSN Admissions Entrance Exam

Policy 02:19:00 Examination Scheduling/Rescheduling Requests

Policy 02:20:00 Clinical/Clinical Simulation Placement

Policy 02:21:00 Records Requirements for Clinical Placement

Policy 02:22:00 Catalog and Handbooks Revision

Policy 02:23:00 Reinstatement After Withdrawal or Termination

Policy 02:24:00 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Policy 02:25:00 Breaks and Scheduling Policy

Policy 02:26:00 Student Standards of Conduct Interim Policy for COVID-19

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