Career Services

Career Services at Platt College offers students and graduates career assistance. The Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator is available to answer questions about the demands of the nursing field. The Academic Support and Career Services Office is available to offer assistance in job application and resume development, recommendations and invitations to industry events and meetings, assist in recommendations for part-time employment while attending school, and interviewing etiquette. Placement assistance is available for students and graduates of Platt College. The Career Services Office serves as a complement to the mission and vision of Platt College and enhances the overall educational experience of students. These services are designed to help students reach their fullest potential as they prepare for successful lives after graduation. We are committed to making our vast resources work for you as you embark on your new career in nursing. Take a few minutes to update us about your career.

There are 4 ways to stay in touch:

  1. Complete the on-line form and submit;
  2. Complete and fax a printable update form to 303-745-1433;
  3. Complete and mail a printable update form to Platt College 3100 S. Parker Rd. Aurora, CO 80014;
  4. Call 303-369-5151 to speak to the Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator.

All information submitted will be considered for publication unless otherwise stated.

For more information, contact Darla Dolph, Academic Support and Career Services Coordinator.

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