At Platt College, we’ve graduated—and helped employ—thousands of students from Denver metro and all over since 1986 who started out with the same kinds of doubts and questions you may be having right now. Our Admissions Representatives are friendly, supportive, and helpful in answering all of your questions about the nursing program’s admission requirements. Students and potential students come first at Platt College-that’s what makes the Platt Difference.

Congratulations on your decision to pursue nursing education at the School of Nursing at Platt College. We offer an exceptional program for students who want to become a nurse. Earning your BSN at Platt College is a great opportunity, and the quality remains consistently high in the BSN program.

Statement of Mission for the Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions at Platt College is dedicated to providing service to prospective, new, and continuing students pursuing an undergraduate education. Our mission, consistent with that of the School of Nursing and the College, is two-fold: 1) to promote our campus and its programs to prospective students and their representatives, as well as communities of interest; 2) to admit and enroll students that reflect the core values and mission of the College while ensuring students have a smooth transition to the start of their academic career at Platt College; and

In carrying out our mission, we incorporate the following:

  • A commitment to attracting, selecting, and enrolling highly qualified students of diverse interests, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds;
  • Ensuring that we present accurate, honest, and clear information about the School of Nursing and Platt College;
  • Sensitivity to our diverse clientele and others with whom we work;
  • Maintaining open lines of communication with Platt College faculty, staff, students, and other communities of interest with whom we work;
  • Integrity and cooperation in working with other campus units (such as Financial Aid, the Registrar, and Program Deans), with communities of interest, and within our own operation;
  • Utilization of technologies to better serve those with whom we work and increase internal efficiencies;
  • Implementation of appropriate policies and practices that have been adopted by the Platt College Board of Directors
  • Dedication to reliability and accountability in every aspect of our operation;
  • Continual evaluation to ensure effectiveness and improvement are achieved in our operation; and
  • A commitment to excellence in every facet of our operation.

There is no such thing as a "typical" Platt College student.  Our students are of all ages and they come from varied backgrounds.  Sometimes they join us as a first-time degree seeking student or they return to school after 20 years in the working world. Their hometowns dot the country. Our students share a commitment to our College's mission statement of becoming a graduate "with competencies, skills and levels of education for employment and continued success in higher education."

Platt College looks for potential applicants who can succeed in our nursing program and make significant contributions to the profession in Denver and all over the world. We give every application the complete consideration it deserves. We pride ourselves in being leaders in nursing education and clinical practice. Let us help you meet both your personal and academic goals.