BSN Admission Screening Tool for the School of Nursing

The School of Nursing at Platt College has a primary responsibility to the education of future professional nurses-a responsibility taken seriously by the Admissions Committee who is chareged with the selection of candidates who best demonstrate the academic achievement, emotional maturity, integrity, and motivation necessary for the successful study and practice of nursing.  The requirements listed below are necessary for consideration for admission.  Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

Applicants will be rank-ordered based on the point system below and the top applicants will be offered admission.  The next 5-10 ranked applicants will be encouraged to reapply for the next start date via email.

*The School of Nursing at Platt College reserves the right to make changes in these admission criteria.

BSN Admission Criterion 1: Attended Required Information Session     ____ (2 points)

BSN Admission Criterion 2: TEAS Score _____ (0-16 points)

Please choose between the TEAS, ACT, or SAT scoring tool below based on the information the individual has submitted.  Applicants may re-take the TEAS assessment up to 2 times, according to policy; however, applicants may only submit the results for one (1) ACT or SAT score.  Admission committee members will use the highest earned Adjusted Individual Scores to determine the point value awarded for each area. TEAS scores must be within one (1) year of the intended start date in order to be deemed valid. ACT and SAT scores must be within three (3) years of the intended start date in order to be deemed valid.

BSN Admission Criterion 3: Written Essay     ____ (0-9 points)

BSN Admission Criterion 4: Interview with Admissions Committee Member      ____ (0-9 points)

BSN Admission Criterion 5: Bilingual Fluency     _____ (0-3 points)

Admissions Committee members will consider bilingual ability noted within the Admissions Interview and score accordingly:

  • 0 pts for no bilingual ability
  • 2 pts for the ability to proficiently and fluently communicate in more than one language in a healthcare setting through speaking
  • 3 pts for the ability to proficiently and fluently communicate in more than one language in a healthcare setting through reading, writing, and speaking

BSN Admission Criterion 6: Cumulative GPA of 3.0 of all College Transcripts (if applicable) or High School Transcript     ____ (0-6 points)

Cumulative GPAs from multiple institutions will be averaged to determine this value. If an applicant does not have College transcripts then a High School transcript will be used in its place.

GED or <3.03.0-3.193.2-3.393.4-3.593.6-3.793.8-3.994.0

BSN Admission Criterion 7: Service Experience

Admission committee members can consider service experiences stated on the application, discussed in the interview, or referenced in the essay or letters of reference and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

0 PointsUnable to Determine
1 Point6 Months to 2 Years of Service
2 PointsOver 2 Years to 4 Years of Service
3 PointsOver 4 Years to 6 Years of Service
4 PointsOver 6 Years to 8 Years of Service
5 PointsOver 8 Years to 10 + Years of Service
  • Work experience in healthcare or service agencies (i.e. hospital, LTC, hospice, clinical, doctor's office)
  • Volunteer experience in healthcare with direct client contact/interaction (i.e. Doctors without Borders, PEACE Corps)
  • Church or faith-based activities or volunteer efforts
  • Service Organizations (i.e. Salvation Army, Girl Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank)
  • Professional Certifications
  • Serving on committees within healthcare facility
  • Served as main caregiver for ill family or friend

TOTAL Points:     _____ (Out of 50 Points)

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