platt college

BSN Screening Tool

Platt College has a primary responsibility to the education of future professional nurses-a responsibility taken seriously by the Admissions Committee who is charged with the selection of candidates who best demonstrate the academic achievement, emotional maturity, integrity, and motivation necessary for the successful study and practice of nursing.  The requirements listed below are necessary for consideration for admission.  Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

Applicants will be rank-ordered based on the point system below and the top applicants will be offered admission.  The next 5-10 ranked applicants will be encouraged to reapply for the next start date via email.

*Platt College reserves the right to make changes in these admission criteria.*

Admissions Committee Screen Criterion

Out of 35 Points total

Admissions Criterion 1:

Testing Scores
(0-16 points)

Please choose between the TEAS, ACT, or SAT scoring tool below based on the information the individual has submitted.

Admissions Criterion 2:

Written Essay Responses

Apart of the application, all applicants must submit a written essay. The essay prompt response will be scheduled independently with admissions staff and proctored in the library setting.

essay prompt scoring rubric
The essay is purposeful and addresses the provided questions.0-1 point
The sentences are clear and easy to understand.0-1 point
The essay contains no grammatical, capitalization, or spelling errors.0-1 point
The writing is organized and uses transitions.0-1 point
The language is appropriate for academic work.0-1 point
The essay contains a mix of simple, compound, and complex sentences.0-1 point
The response effectively addresses the complete essay prompt.0-6 point

Admissions Criterion 3:

Bilingual Fluency

Apart of our holistic approach to each individual, applicants who can read, write, and speak in another language/s are awarded 1 point during the screening process.

Bilingual Fluency scoring rubric
Ability to proficiently and fluently communicate in more than one language in a healthcare setting through speaking1 point

Admissions Criterion 4:

Previous Academic Achievements (0-3)

Applicants with previous education, will be reviewed by the admissions committee based on the degree awarded or certificate earned

Previous Academic Achievements scoring rubric
Allied health diploma, certificate, or military experience*1 point
Associate Degree2 point
Baccalaureate Degree or higher3 point
*Allied health diploma, certificate, or military experience includes and is limited to: LPN, MA, EMT, Paramedic, CNA, Phlebotomist, Pharmacy Technician, QMAP, Veterinary Technician, Dental Assistant/Hygienist, Combat Medic and/or other military experience.

For applicants who have been out of high school for 5 years or less, high school GPA may also be considered in lieu of college credit.

*For applicants who have been out of high school for more than 5 years, high school GPA will not evaluated during admissions process.*

high school gpa scoring rubric
GED or >3.000 points
3.00 - 3.391 point
3.40 - 3.792 points
3.80 - 4.00+3 points

Admissions Criterion 5:

Healthcare Experience

Healthcare experience includes and is limited to working in a paid capacity in which healthcare skills and training is used on a daily basis.

Healthcare experience scoring rubric
6 Months - 2 years1 point
2-5 Years2 point
5 + Years3 point
Total Points: ___