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Welcome to Platt College

Thank you for your interest in Platt College. Whether you have come to our College website as a student, a prospective student, a graduate or a friend, we welcome you. Platt College has much to offer.

Platt College opened its doors almost 4 decades ago. Since then, generations of students have been given the opportunity to pursue their goals of higher education. In 1986, as is today, our top priority is meeting the needs of today’s wonderfully diverse, talented student body.

We are a college dedicated above all else to your success.  We recognize that gaining entrance to Platt College is just the beginning.  At Platt College we believe that everyone who has a goal and is willing to work hard to achieve that goal should be given the opportunity to succeed through the availability of high quality, accessible education, as noted in our College Mission

An integral part of our mission is to provide a vibrant environment that enhances student-centered learning opportunities in professional nursing.  At the same time, we are thinking for the future: about our hopes for you, our commitment to our alumni and community, and our nursing curriculum and instruction. 

Publicly, we acknowledge our role in the community as making sure we create prepared nursing generalists.  It is this standard that makes Platt College a strong private institution of higher learning with a rich history.  We are continually developing new and creative ways to help you succeed at any stage in your life.  At Platt College, our faculty and staff have a continuous commitment to quality education, personal growth, and an endeavor to meet the diverse, professional employment and educational needs of our service area. 

Platt College's Catalog provides a wealth of information about College life, student services, and our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Treat the Catalog as your academic "guide book" namely, an electronic book that you can always find answers to questions about courses, nursing program requirements, academic standards, financial information and more. 

We invite you to peruse the Catalog by clicking on any of the maroon links on the right hand side of the page. The Catalog serves as your guide to student success! At Platt College, we believe student success is all about you-developing and being prepared with evidence-based practice skills, critical thinking skills, and collaborative team building.  And it's all about you-valuing nursing education and becoming an effective citizen and life-long learner.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, thank you for choosing Platt College.  


Dr. Julie Basler