Communities of Interest at Platt College include persons, groups, agencies, and organizations that influence the mission, services, and graduates of our academic programs.  Examples include: Platt College Board of Directors, Program Advisory Committee members, healthcare facilities, the Colorado Board of Nursing, program organizations, and the public.

The School of Nursing at Platt College has active contracts with over ten major area hospitals, two of which are Magnet certified facilities.  Platt College also maintains partnerships with several area long-term health care facilities, public health organizations, and school districts.  All of which participate in the clinical education component of our nursing students.

The School of Nursing at Platt College is an active member of Alliance for Clinical Education (ACE).  Platt College faculty members serve on many ACE committees to promote the development of clinical partners and programs that enhance clinical education throughout Colorado.

Platt College Nursing Students provide service to the community by volunteering in the public school system assisting with hearing and vision screenings, organizing blood drives, flu shot clinics, and volunteering in runaway and safe shelters.

Platt College Board of Directors

Platt College’s Board of Directors seeks to foster personal growth and maintain the integrity of the college. The Board of Directors is responsible for the oversight of Platt College. The Directors adopt rules, regulations, and policies governing the College. They review and approve the long-range plan, annual institutional effectiveness, and the College’s statement of mission. The Directors have authority over curricula, facilities, degree conferment, and ensure compliance with all regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the College. The six-member Board meets four times per year.

Platt College Board of Directors

Dr. Dan Lucero, Chair
Ms. Suzanne Pitrusu
Mr. Jerald B. Sirbu, ex-officio
Mr. James R. Sutherland
Mr. Thomas J. Twardowski

Board of Directors’ Mission Statement

Platt College offers quality undergraduate education and provides graduates with competencies, skills and levels of education for employment and continued success in higher education. The Platt College Board of Directors fosters personal growth by providing strategic perspective and definitive leadership in determining the programs to be provided by the College and by specifying the guiding policies and principles the President/CEO uses in operating the College.


  • Accessibility
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Learning
  • Respect
  • Success
  • Leadership

School of Nursing Program Advisory Committee

The School of Nursing Program Advisory Committee (PAC) is a lay committee appointed to review the established curricula of the program, instructional-related program materials, equipment and facilities, and student achievement outcomes as a means to provide the College with an external review of its programs. The PAC advises, assists, supports, and advocates and advocates for the nursing program as part of its overall plan for improvement and increased effectiveness of the program it serves. A PAC has no legislative, administrative, or programmatic authority and is advisory only.

The School of Nursing's Program Advisory Committee is comprised of appropriately qualified volunteers external to the institution (i.e., non college employees) who share an expert knowledge of the field of study and the competency requirements of the field.