Consider Us

    Platt College is a nursing school, located minutes from Denver, that focuses on quality undergraduate education; in fact, it's our mission. We are glad that you have chosen to peruse our website firsthand.  We think the friendliness of our campus community and rich heritage of higher education for more than 31 years will become apparent as you begin to consider a career in nursing at Platt College.  You'll quickly see why Platt College is one of Colorado’s most easily accessible nursing program, offering a Bachelor of Science degree (BSN) in as little as 36 months with no prerequisites needed to apply. We are committed to student success and we believe success is best fostered in an environment of mutual respect, caring, and high expectations.

    Here are a few quick highlights about our nursing program:

    • ACEN accredited program
    • College in its 33rd year
    • Nursing program in its 16th year
    • Graduated first class in April 2008
    • 840 hours of diverse clinical experiences
    • Faculty master's prepared with over 40% doctorally prepared

    Here's just a few reasons to consider us as your future alma mater:


    I want to get started and finish sooner than the average college student....

    • A traditional four-year college experience isn't for everyone. At Platt College, our students come from all walks of life (second-degree seeking, first-degree seeking with some college experience, or never have attended college).  We help students transition to learning what they love and what we love as well-nursing. Our program begins quarterly and our wait list isn't extensive.  From start to finish, you can complete a BSN in just 36 months with no prereqs required to apply.

    I want to begin my nursing courses from day one....

    • Since we are "nursing all the time" we believe that students should take nursing and general courses at the same time. Beginning with quarter one, our students take nursing and general education courses together to gain experience in healthcare and in education that interests me.

      I want to be clear about my financial options and I want to know from the start how much money the program will cost me....

      • We are transparent in our pricing, and we make sure students are aware of program total costs from the time they step on campus.  We offer financial aid to those who qualify, we encourage students to apply for scholarship opportunities, and we help our students with creating financial packaging to help our students succeed.

      I am not just a number-I need personalized attention....

      • With small class sizes averaging around 20 students per cohort, our faculty and staff are committed to helping students succeed.

      I value a mixture of learning online and face-to-face....

      • At Platt College, we offer around 25% of our curriculum in a blended hydrid method, whereas students attend 60% of their course in person, and the other 40% online.

      At the end of the program, I might need some help in landing my first job in nursing....

      • Hey we get it-it's the whole reason you are coming, to work in the field of nursing. We have a dedicated department that works tiredlessly to help in resume development, interview coaching, and network building.