Covid-19 Updates and Resources

Dining on Campus

Dining with Restrictions On Campus

Students and employees may eat on campus with some restrictions.  The student lounge may be used to store and procure food, but not to sit and dine. The following rules apply for the student lunch area and the employee lunch area, both located upstairs:

  • You may elect to use the refrigerators but we ask that once you eat you do NOT return your uneaten portion(s) of food in the refrigerator.  Nothing may remain in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Upon opening and closing the refrigerator, we ask that you sanitize the handles and anything touched.
  • The coffee machines may be used on campus, but again we ask that the contact surface areas on the machine which people touch are properly cleaned prior to and after use.
  • All eating utensils, plates, cups, etc. need to be disposable and thrown away after use. 
  • All surface touched areas need to be cleaned before and after usage.
  • You may elect to use the microwaves but we ask that the surface areas be cleaned before and after usage.

Students and employees are NOT allowed to eat in their respective lunch areas.  Students (if on campus during lunch) need to eat lunch in an open classroom with social distancing in mind. 

Student with morning and afternoon class sessions on campus will eat lunch in their morning class locations, observing social distancing requirements. Masks may only be taken off while eating and immediately replaced after eating and drinking. Students will be instructed in cleaning and wiping down their lunch areas before being dismissed to the afternoon classroom location.

Employees may eat lunch in their closed offices or in room 221 if the employee does not have an office that closes. Employees may eat in the upstairs lounge but only if social distancing is maintained and the number of people does not exceed one person per table. Employees should follow the same protocol as students with masks while eating and drinking.