Emergency Plan

A.  Major Emergency Guidelines:

Major Emergency: Any incident that affects the entire building, which will disrupt the overall operation of the College.  In this case outside emergency services will be required, as well as major resource efforts from the Emergency Resource Team (comprised of the College President, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Nursing, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Financial Services, and Faculty Coordinator of Foundational Liberal Arts.  Call 911.

Disaster: Any event that seriously impairs or halts the operations of the College.  In some cases mass personnel casualties and severe property damage may be sustained.  A coordinated effort of all college-wide resources is required to control the situation.  Outside emergency services will be essential.  In all cases of disaster, an emergency control center will be activated by the Emergency Resource Team and the appropriate support and operational plans will be executed.  Call 911.

  1. The major emergency procedures outlined in this guide are designed to aid in the protection of lives and property through effective use of available college resources.  Whenever an emergency affecting the College reaches proportions that cannot be handled by routine measures, the College President or designee may declare a state of emergency and implement these guidelines. 
  2. The College President of designee serves as overall emergency director during any major emergency disaster.  The following definitions of an emergency are provided as guidelines to assist Platt College employees in determining the appropriate response.

B. Minor Emergency Guidelines:

Any incident that will not seriously affect the overall functional capacity of the College.  Report immediately to the College President or his designee at extension 224.  In the event that College President is not on the premises, report immediately to the Vice President of Academic Affairs at extension 223 or the Dean of Nursing at extension 220.

  1. The College President or designee will make the determination if a state of emergency is to be declared and the type.  During a college emergency, the College President or designee will place into effect the necessary measures to secure the College personnel and property.  Only authorized persons will be allowed on the college premises during the declared state of emergency.  The Emergency Resource Team, and others designated by the College President as essential will comprise authorized personnel. 

C. Reporting Emergencies:

  • For police, fire, or ambulance: dial 911
  • Immediately notify beginning with the top of the Emergency Resource Team. 

Off-Campus Resources of Assistance:

For police, fire, or ambulance


Arapahoe County Sheriff


Electric (Aurora Electric Company)


Water (Aurora City Water Utility)                                    


Power Outage (Excel Energy)


D. College Notification System:

Platt College uses Rave Alert Emergency Notification to communicate with and alert students and employees in minutes. Using all available methods to send emergency alerts – mobile phones, landlines, email, text, and social media-Rave Alert emergency notification system ensures maximum coverage.  Rave Alert’s opt-in/opt-out flexibility ensures emergency alerts and other communications (i.e. weather related closures) are received. For more information on how to set up the Emergency Notification, contact the Coordinator of IT Services, Mark Finken.

E. Direction and Coordination:


  • Emergency Director - The President or designee shall direct all emergency operations. In the absence of the President, an assigned administrator shall assume operational control of the emergency.
  • Emergency Coordinator - The President shall coordinate all operations of the administrative emergency resource team. The administrative emergency resource team shall consist of the President and his administrative staff.
  • Emergency Command Post - The emergency command post is to be set up in the President’s office.  If this sight in not useable, the Emergency Director will select an alternative location. 


Emergency Director/President:

  • Provides overall direction of the College emergency response.
  • Prepares the College’s specific response.
  • Declares and cancels the College’s state of emergency
  • Notifies ACCSC and other applicable agencies.
  • Approves media communication.

Administrative Team (Emergency Response Team):

  • Oversees coordination of the College’s emergency response.
  • Notifies other employees and other companies (not associated with Platt College-if needed) in the building of the emergency.
  • Works with the Dean of Nursing and/or Faculty Coordinator of Foundational Liberal Arts and the Registrar in establishing alternative classroom areas as required.
  • Implements plan for media coverage if applicable.
  • Maintains contact with the President for handling communications and public information.
  • Obtains the assistance of utility companies as required.
  • Surveys habitable space and relocates essential functions.
  • Aids in directing students to safe areas and assists with accountability of students.
  • Provides directional assistance where needed.
  • Coordinates counseling resources and services as needed.
  • Contacts appropriate personnel in the building to inform, update, and communicate status of emergency.
  • Administers evacuation plans for the building. 

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