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FERPA Rights

For more information on FERPA rights at Platt College, visit Policy 03:03:00 Confidentiality of Student Records which ensures that all personally identifiable educational records of students are protected for confidentiality in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

Students or former students are protected for confidentiality. All employees of Platt College are responsible for maintaining compliance with this policy and will be subject to disciplinary action if found to be in violation.  Educational records (including medical records) cannot be released without written permission or a Parental Affidavit of Dependency certified by a parent or guardian. (See Student Consent for Release of Records). Medical records are not necessarily protected by FERPA. If such records are not protected by FERPA, they may be protected by HIPAA.

Exceptions to Confidentiality of Student Records

  • Disclosure in case of bona fide health or safety emergency and only to those in a position to render assistance.
  • Disclosure to institutional officials based on a legitimate educational need as it relates to the discharge of those officials' responsibilities.
  • Disclosure based upon a signed written consent from the student.  Student Consent for Release of Records must be completed by the student. 
  • Disclosure pursuant to a lawfully issued subpoena or judicial order, in which case, the college will contact, in written form, the affected student before or immediately following the disclosure relative to the College's intent to comply with the order.
  • Disclosure to parents of a student only if the student is a dependent of the parents as defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Parental Affidavit for Academic Information Form must be completed.  
  • Disclosure of records to other schools to which the student is enrolled or seeks enrollment.
  • Directory information as permitted by FERPA Act of 1974.

Student Access to Records and Right to Amend

  • A student has the right to inspect, review and obtain a copy of his or her educational records.
  • A student may request amendments to his or her educational records if they contain inaccurate, misleading information or are in violation of the student’s rights.  (See A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act). 

The following is a listing of the types of student educational records available, and the position responsible for each:

  • A. Grades (Registrar)
  • B. Class Enrollment (Registrar)
  • C. Admissions Information (Admissions)
  • E. Attendance Records (Registrar and Individual Faculty Members)
  • F. Disciplinary Action (Registrar/Program Deans/Coordinator)
  • G. Grievances (Vice President of Academic Affairs)

The following directory information may be disclosed by the college, unless otherwise specifically directed by a student in writing to the Registrar within fourteen (14) days following registration for classes:

  • A. Name
  • B. Address
  • C. Telephone Number
  • D. Date and Place of Birth
  • E. Major Field of Study
  • F. Dates of attendance
  • G. Degrees and awards received
  • H. Most recent previous educational institution attended
  • I.  President's List
  • J. Perfect Attendance List
  • K. Other information as approved by the college

Requests for the Non-Release of Directory Information (Request for Non-Release Directory Information) will remain in effect until the student signs a form to cancel the request (Cancellation of Request for Non-Release Directory Information).  These forms are available in hardcopy from the Registrar. 

Records of Requests and Disclosures

Copies of requests for disclosures and a record of the information disclosed will be retained with a student’s records for all disclosures made, except those for directory information and disclosures to other college officials. The record of disclosure may be inspected by the student, the officials responsible for the records, and by persons  responsible for auditing the records.

Student Access to Records and Right to Amend

  • A. Compliance with a student's right to inspect, review and obtain a copy of his or her educational records will be handled in a reasonable period of time, not to exceed forty-five (45) days.
  • B. Amendment requests must be in writing to the Registrar, outlining the area(s) of concern, the amendment requested, and the basis for the request.

Academic Grades

Grades may not be forwarded to students via email, phone, nor by posting. In accordance with FERPA guidelines, grades must be kept in a secure location with the faculty member or other College official until collected personally by the student via My Platt College.

Financial Aid Records

Records created and maintained by the financial aid office are considered to be education records and may not be disclosed without the student's consent. This includes at least all of the following records:

  • Records relating to eligibility and disbursement of Federal student aid funds
  • Student account
  • Financial aid applications
  • ISIRs
  • Documentation of professional judgment decisions
  • Documentation relating to a refusal to certify Federal education loans
  • Financial aid history information (for transfer students)
  • Cost of attendance information, including documentation relating to any adjustments
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) documentation
  • Documents used for verification
  • Entrance and exit counseling records
  • Financial records