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Online Learning

Flexibility without giving up quality-as a Platt College student, you can access web-based courses using any Internet connection, anytime, anywhere. 24/7 access allows you to complete assignments, interact with other students in the class through discussions, and communicate with your instructor at your convenience.  My Platt College simply put is learning at your fingertips. 

Online learning at Platt College is a formal educational process in which instruction (interaction between students and faculty and among students) in a course occurs when students and faculty are not in the same place. Instruction may be synchronous or asynchronous. Online learning may employ correspondence study, audio, video, and/or computer technologies.

Platt College has computer software and hardware requirements that must be met in order to enroll as a student.  Students are required to have a lap top that meets the College's requirements.

Online Learning Mission Statement

The primary purpose of online learning at Platt College is to maximize student access to courses through the use of web-based delivery systems. Online Learning at Platt College integrates the assets of the college to provide a teaching and learning environment for online learners comparable to that provided to on-campus students. Support services are available to both online learners and faculty that help to provide quality education that is conveniently accessed. Online learning at Platt College is consistent with and supports the college's strategic plan and the college’s mission of offering quality undergraduate education while providing graduates with competencies, skills and levels of education for employment and continued success in higher education. The types of online learning defined at Platt College:

  • Online Learning Course Using Internet (eCourse) is a fully distance education course that is offered over the Internet using asynchronous and/or synchronous pedagogies.  In this type of class, there is no face-to-face meeting between instructor and students. 
  • Blended Course (eCombination) is a course, accessible through the My Platt College course management platform, in which some traditional face-to-face "seat time" has been replaced by online learning activities. A blended (hybrid) course is designed to integrate face-to-face (60%) and online activities (40%) so that they reinforce, complement, and elaborate one another.
  • Web-Enhanced Course (eCompanion) is a Web-enhanced (traditional face-to-face) class that uses a course management platform (My Platt College) to accompany the class. The eCompanion can function in a variety of ways, depending on the goals of the course and the desire of the faculty member to enrich his or her course. Assigned activities will vary, depending on the faculty member and the discipline. The time spent using the eCompanion does not replace any of the face-to-face teaching-learning process, but serves to augment it.
  • Evaluation (eComment) is an electronic version of Platt College’s student evaluation of faculty and of classes, clinical experiences, and/or lab classes. Additionally eComment includes a section that measures students’ comfort and experience with technology, and a section that measures the mechanics of course delivery (i.e., was the system frequently down, was the system easy to use, etc.)

Professional Licensure Disclosure Statement

Platt College's Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree prepares the student to sit for professional licensure through examination.  Students who complete the BSN program at Platt College are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) which is a national exam that can be taken in any state, regardless of where the graduate wants to practice, according to the Nationa Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).  

More about Online Learning at Platt College

Successful learners in eCombination courses at Platt College

  • Are motivated to work independently and stay on task
  • Work at a pace necessary to complete assignments
  • Have good reading comprehension skills and aptitude to consume information without constant direct guidance
  • Filter distractions that might get in the way of learning
  • Participate in online communications – email and/or discussion boards – to explore new concepts with peers

The Distance Education Self-Evaluation measures internet reliability at home, working independently, meeting deadlines, and software usage ability (i.e. Microsoft Word, Power Point).

Student Service for Online Learning

Being a Platt College student is more than simply taking courses. Whether you’re located in one of our classrooms or in your living room, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different student services. 

Virtual Library

  • The Qualified Knowledge Resource Library staff provides resources that meet the educational objectives and scope of the program, collaborates with faculty and students in individual, classroom and online settings, and assists Faculty with the instruction of information literacy standards to students. The Virtual Library was established to provide online search capabilities, reference materials, databases, journals and other research services to students and faculty This student service is accessible through the My Platt College NSGKRALL course. 

Virtual Career Center

  • Platt College’s Virtual Career Center is designed for all College students both online and on ground.  The Academic Support and Career Services Office is available for all students to assist them in writing or rewriting resumes; preparing for interviews; and/or looking for occupations that matches their interests, skills and experience, this website provides a wealth of information to achieve career and educational goals. The website is customized for students, recent graduates, working adults and non-working adults. It provides students and graduates with a career database, education options, and a list of “Hot Jobs.”

Copyright Clearance

  • Copyright Clearance's licensing and permissions services enable businesses/colleges of all sizes to use and share information with colleagues, partners, clients and others-around the corner or around the world. Academic faculty and staff at more than a thousand institutions license content through Copyright Clearance for coursepacks, e-reserves, course management systems, interlibrary loan and other classroom and educational uses.


  • Turnitin is utilized at Platt College for written papers to ensure compliance with such requirements as APA, copyright, avoidance of plagiarism, etc. In order to assist students in the avoidance of plagiarism, Platt College uses a process whereby students are expected to submit their papers to the Turnitin plagiarism software.

Online NCLEX Review

  • The Online NCLEX Review provides students with online ancillaries to compliment online practice NCLEX assessments. 

Simulation Electronic Health Record and Learning Sets

  • A simulation electronic health record and learning set allows students to learn all aspects of an EHR and work with patient data within the College's Simulation Lab.  The system allows students the ability to uniquely interact with patients’ records in a simulated learning experience.


  • SoftChalk (LMS Platform) is an award-winning e-learning authoring solution that allows faculty members to easily create and share engaging, interactive content.  SoftChalk is used in all eCombination courses and may be used in some face-to-face courses. 

Virtual Tutoring - Smarthinking

  • Online student tutoring is available in numerous subjects via the Smartthinking service. Students may visit the Smarthinking website for sample tutorials that demonstrate how the online tutoring platform works, and how students and tutors interact in the process of addressing a question.