Operations and Facilities

Policy 07:01:00 Media Relations

Policy 07:02:00 Web Page Policy and Guidelines

Policy 07:03:00 Retention of College Records

Policy 07:04:00 U.S. Patriot Act Request for Information

Policy 07:05:00 Knowledge Resource Library Computer Usage

Policy 07:06:00 Knowledge Resource Library Collection Development

Policy 07:07:00 Surveys

Policy 07:08:00 Visitors and Minors on Campus

Policy 07:09:00 Advertising and Promotional Materials

Policy 07:10:00 Student Admissions Transparency

Policy 07:11:00 College Communication

Policy 07:12:00 Ownership of Instructional Materials and Protection of Copyright

Policy 07:13:00 Identification, Authentication, and Authorization

Policy 07:14:00 College Email Policy

Policy 07:15:00 Instructional Recording

Policy 07:16:00 Social Media

Policy 07:17:00 Electronic Signatures

Policy 07:18:00 Computer Use and File Sharing

Policy 07:19:00 Protection of Consumer Information Under the Gramm Leach Bliley Act

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