Personnel Policies and Procedures

Policy 05:01:00 Staff Performance Evaluation

Policy 05:02:00 Policy Statements for Title IX, VI, Section 504

Policy 05:03:00 Background Checks for Employees

Policy 05:04:00 Employment Eligibility Verification

Policy 05:05:00 Employee Orientation

Policy 05:06:00 Academic Freedom and Responsibility

Policy 05:07:00 Faculty Evaluation

Policy 05:08:00 Faculty Workloads

Policy 05:09:00 Nepotism Policy

Policy 05:10:00 Employee Paid Time Off

Policy 05:11:00 Resignation, Other Separation from Employment

Policy 05:12:00 Employee Performance Evaluation

Policy 05:13:00 Faculty Professional Development

Policy 05:14:00 Employee Conduct

Policy 05:15:00 Employee Informal Complaint and Grievance Policy

Policy 05:16:00 Non-Discrimination Policy for Employees

Policy 05:17:00 Drug-Free Workplace

Policy 05:18:00 Full-Time Faculty Additional Workload Incentive

Policy 05:19:00 Staff and Administration Selection Criteria and Process

Policy 05:20:00 Pinning/Commencement Attendance

Policy 05:21:00 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Guidelines and Procedures

Policy 05:22:00 Policy on Reporting Employee Misconduct

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