Platt College Email

Welcome to your new Platt College email accounts.  The following are instructions on how you can setup and begin using your account.  Please begin by following the Website Access instructions first before attempting to set up other devices, such as your mobile phone. Email accounts have been created using your legal first and last name.  No changes to your email account username may be made. These email accounts are for official college use and will be used as the method of official communication between you and the College.  No other email accounts, outside of will be used.  All applicable Platt College policies and procedures concerning electronic media shall be is effect and enforced at all times. 

Each student, faculty, and staff member is assigned a Platt College e-mail account. The College uses this account to communicate important information with you; be sure to check it often. Your e-mail address is your firstname.lastname (john.smith) plus the domain ( For information regarding individual user names and passwords refer to Policy 07:14:00 College Email Policy. Your email account may be configured on an iPad, PC, iPhone, Android, and other devices.

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How do I set up my email using Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 Settings?

  1. Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel
  2. Click on Mail, and then Email Accounts. 
  3. Click New, then Next.
  4. Select Manually Configure, and then click next. 
  5. Select Microsoft Exchange, and then click next.
  6. In the Server field enter:
  7. Leave Cached Exchange Mode checked.
  8. Enter your username into the User Name field.  Ex.  john.doe
  9. Click More Settings, and then click on the Connection Tab.
  10. Under Outlook Anywhere, check Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP.
  11. Click Exchange Proxy Settings.
  12. Under Connection settings enter the following URL:
  13. At the bottom, change NTLM Authentication to Basic Authentication, and then click OK.
  14. Click Next.  After a few moments you will be prompted for a username and password. In the future, this will occur every time you open Outlook. Your username will be in the following format:  plattcolorado\username (For example:  plattcolorado\john.doe)
  15. After entering your password, click OK.
  16. After completing your setup, you may now begin using Outlook.

How do I set up my email using Microsoft Outlook 2011 Settings?

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. If first time, select "Exchange" account otherwise to to "Tools" then to "accounts" click + and select "Exchange"
  3. Enter full email address (ex:
  4. Under User Name and Password:
  5. User name "plattcolorado\john.doe"
  6. Password enter your new password from web email above
  7. Uncheck "Configure Automatically"
  8. Server "
  9. Click "Add Account"