Program Outcomes

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Graduation Rate:

Based on the time period of July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021: 68 individuals graduated with 39 graduating on time at the end of 12 quarters for a completion rate of 57.35%. (39 out of 68 completed in 12 quarters.   29 other individuals graduated after the 12 quarter measurement.  The totals for the remaining 29 are as follows: 16 completed the program in 13 quarters, 8 completed the program in 14 quarters, 3 completed the program in 15 quarters, 1 completed the program in 16 quarters, and 1 completed the program in 17 quarters.

For Fall 2017 to Summer 2018, Platt College had 92 students begin the program.  Of those total starts, 33 withdrew or were terminated, 7 are still enrolled at Platt and 52 of the total number are graduates.


Transfer-Out-Rate is based on the percentage of full-time, first-time students who transferred to another institution from Platt College.  For Fall 2019-2020, 7 students out of 229 were categorized as full-time, first-time students.  Zero students transferred to another institution. 

Employment (Career Placement) Rate:

Based on the time period of July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021: 68 individuals graduated and 20 of those individuals are employed, for an employment rate of 29% as of July 27, 2021.  Note: 25 graduates are unknown, with 23 graduates still left to respond for a total of n = 48. 

The 2019 Graduation and Placement Rates are based on the time period of students who began the nursing program during January 2015-September 2015, as required by the College's institutional accreditor's (ACCSC) annual report: the employment rate is 87%.  The placement rate is based on 71 individuals with 62 individuals employed as a registered nurse. 

NCLEX First-Time Testing Rate:

The year to date (01/01/20 through 12/31/20) NCLEX-RN Pass Rate for Platt College as reported by the Colorado Board of Nursing is 87.88%.  The 87.88% is based on a calendar year-to-date report for 2020 with 66 graduates tested. The last reported date was checked on 09/17/21.