Governance, Organization, and Policy

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Policies and Procedures: Development, Revision, Communication, and Application


To designate responsibility for development, revision, communication, and auditing of consistent application of College policies and procedures.

The Platt College policies and procedures are reviewed annually during the summer quarter by the person with revision responsibility and updated, if necessary, by August 1.

Platt College Policies and Procedures are available on the college’s web page:

Revision Responsibility: President

Responsible Executive Officer: President

Created: July 27, 2009

Revision: June 29, 2010 to include Part IV, January 17, 2011 to reflect revised organizational chart, February 23, 2021 to reflect changes in organizational chart.


I. The President, with key input from directors and deans, is responsible for developing and revising College policies and procedures to reflect changes in College requirements, accreditation standards, and applicable federal, state, and authoritative sources.

II. The President, under the direction of the Board of Directors, has ultimate authority for approving changes in College policies and procedures.  The Board of Directors has governance to create, revise, and audit any and all College policies and procedures. 


I. Development of New Policies

A. Any employee or student identifying the need for a new policy submits a written recommendation to the President

Board of Directors members identifying the need for a new policy contact the Chair of the Board to have the proposed policy included on the Board of Directors' agenda. 

B. Upon receipt of the recommendation, the President determines whether a new policy is required. If required, the President, working with the Dean of Nursing, the Faculty Chair, faculty and/or staff during the development of the policy, will oversee the writing of a draft policy.

C. A copy of the draft policy is reviewed and returned with comments and/or recommendations to the President.

D. The new policy is finalized and approved by the President for inclusion on the Web Site in the Platt College Policies and Procedures Manual. Employees and students (if applicable) are notified via email by the President of the new policy prior to its effective date.

II. Revision of Existing Policies and Procedures

A. If authoritative sources or internal processes change, the person with revision responsibility drafts a revised policy/procedure and submits it to the President

B. The President reviews the revision and discusses the changes with the appropriate applicable employee(s) (i.e. Dean of Nursing, Director of Financial Aid). The President reviews the changes.

C. Upon approval by the President, the revised policy/procedure is included in the Platt College Policies and Procedures Manual and employees and students (if applicable) are notified via email of the revised policy/procedure.

III. Communication of Policies and Procedures

A. The Office of the President, under the direction of the Board of Directors is the clearinghouse for College policies and procedures.

C. The President or his/her appointee is responsible for ensuring that the electronic manual is kept up-to-date and notifying employees and students through e-mail when new policies and procedures are added or current policies and procedures are revised or deleted.

IV. Auditing of Consistent Application of Policies and Procedures

Auditing consistent application of policies and procedures ensures internal consistency of policies and procedures that are important for student and employee satisfaction and institutional transparency. 

A. The Executive Committee will establish what low and/or high frequency, high risk policies will be audited at the institutional level and program levels during annual strategic planning in the fall of each year. 

B. The appropriate committees at the institutional and program levels will determine the methods and benchmarks for these audits.  The methods and benchmarks will be reflected in the program systematic evaluation plans.

C. If the benchmark(s) are not met, the Executive Committee will expect a report of the findings and recommendation for an action plan for correction within 30 days of the completion of the audit.