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Institutional Articulation Agreements


To articulate the process/procedure for developing and maintaining academic institutional articulation agreements that promote and encourage student achievement at the graduate school level and facilitate the transfer of course credits and a smooth transition from one degree program to another.

Revision Responsibility: Dean of Nursing

Responsible Executive Office: President

Revised: March 17, 2011, July 1, 2020


Definition: Articulation agreements are the protocols for academic relationships between units of academic governance for the purpose of benefiting students and prospective students at two institutions.

Articulation agreements are initiated by the Dean of Nursing or Faculty Chair, and is approved by the President.

For articulation, the approval of the college faculty and its Dean and/or Faculty Chair are necessary for ratifying an articulation agreement.

Articulation with another institution will be considered on the basis of

  • the educational quality of the institution with which the articulation is sought;
  • the comparability of level of the program to that offered at Platt College;
  • congruence with the College’s mission and standards for student achievement.

Articulation agreements will be ratified by the Executive Administrative Committee, and reviewed on an annual basis.

To date, Platt College has an agreement with Chamberlain College of Nursing, Grand Canyon University and with the Medical University of South Carolina which encompasses allowing our students a fair opportunity to apply for graduate studies in nursing.