Academic Policies and Procedures

Policy 02:08:00

External Credit Policy


To establish criteria and procedures for obtaining credit by examination.

Revision Responsibility: Registrar

Responsible Executive Office: Dean of Nursing/Faculty Chair

Revised: August 23, 2010; July 10, 2014 to include ACE Military Transcript Transfer Guide under III


I. External Credit Policy

External credit can only be accepted from students in the BSN program.  Possible sources of external credit include (1) credit by examination, (2) military service/armed services schools, and (3) high school Tech Prep programs.

To receive external credit, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Applicants must not have attempted nor received college credit in similar titled courses for which credit is requested.
  2. Credit is awarded only in areas offered within the current curriculum of the College and related to the student’s educational program. 
  3. Credit is awarded only for those learning experiences in which it can be documented that the outcomes for specific courses in an approved degree program have been met. 
  4. All external credit must be submitted for review during the first two quarters of the program. External credit submitted after a student’s completion of the first two quarters will not be reviewed nor will external credit be awarded.
  5. All external credit must be at the college level.

Quarter hours of credit toward graduation are awarded on the basis of these conditions, but grades or quality points are not awarded. 

Transfer of external credit from Platt College to other institutions is at the discretion of the receiving institution. 

II. External Credit by Examination

Students may earn college credit for College-Level Examination Program Subject Examinations (CLEP) taken after their admissions date to Platt College.  Students may earn college credit by examination for acceptable (national benchmark) scores on the CLEP Examinations.  CLEP tests taken must be in a subject equivalent to the required curriculum at Platt.  Official documentation must be received directly from the testing agency.  Requests for credit by examination are submitted to the Registrar.  Documentation of test scores must be received within the first two quarters of enrollment at Platt College.  The test results are evaluated by the Registrar and, if credit is earned, recorded on the student’s record.  The Platt College of Aurora, Colorado CLEP code is 4460.

CLEP: Applications and information on the CLEP are available by writing the College Level Examination Program, Box 6600, Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6600, by calling (609)-771-7865, or by accessing  Credit is awarded for acceptable scores received on subject examinations only.  All fees associated with CLEP testing are the responsibility of the student. 

III. External Credit for Military Service/Schools

Credit may be awarded for attendance at military schools and job classifications based upon recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE) Military Transcript Transfer Guide.  Military service credit is awarded provided that proper documentation supporting service-related educational experiences is presented to the Registrar before the end of the second quarter from the start of the program.  Students who receive military benefits must submit a Joint Services Transcript (JST) in addition to transcripts from any college(s) and/or universities. 

IV. External Credit for Tech Prep Programs

A student, who has completed a secondary course of study and has received a high school diploma or general education diploma (GED), has enrolled in a college or university within two years of graduation, and who demonstrates attainment of equivalent learning outcomes for specific courses will receive credit for those courses. 

Students wishing to participate in receiving external credit must:

  • Meet specific performance requirements.
  • Enroll at Platt College within two (2) years of the date of graduation from high school or from the date of completing the general education diploma (GED).
  • Provide proper documentation of courses.
  • Make sure program and/or credits received are at the college level.