Academic Policies and Procedures

Policy 02:08:00

External Credit Policy


To establish criteria and procedures for obtaining credit by examination.

Revision Responsibility: Registrar

Responsible Executive Office: Dean of Nursing

Revised: August 23, 2010; July 10, 2014 to include ACE Military Transcript Transfer Guide under III, July 29, 2022 to update Platt College's acceptance of CLEP credit.


Sources of external credit include credit by examination through College Board and military service/armed services schools.

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a standardized, national examination by which students may earn college credited. Students enrolling at Platt College may earn up to 27 quarter credit hours in CLEP credit. Only the following courses are accepted at Platt College in CLEP credit that meet the following conditions listed in the table:

CLEP ExaMCredit-Granting ScoreSEMESTER CREDIT HOURS GRANTED BY CLEPPlatt College Equivalent CourseQuarter Credit Hours Applicable at Platt College
History of the United States I OR II503HS 1504.5
Human Growth and Development503PSY 1514.5
Introductory Psychology503PSY 1014.5
503SOC 1014.5
College Mathematics OR College Algebra OR Precalculus503MAT 1074.5
Humanities OR Analyzing and Interpreting Literature503HUM 1014.5

To receive external credit, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Official documentation must be sent directly from College Board to Platt College. Our CLEP credit institution number is 4460.
  2. Credit during a student's first two quarters at Platt College. Credits must be 10 years or less from the date of completion to be accepted.
  3. Credit is awarded only for those the courses listed in the chart.
  4. All external credit must be submitted for review during the first two quarters of the program. External credit submitted after a student’s completion of the first two quarters will not be reviewed nor will external credit be awarded.
  5. A student may not take the CLEP examination and received CLEP credit after taking and completing the course with a passing or failing grade at Platt College.
  6. CLEP credit earned at other colleges will be accepted at Platt College provided the score requirements are met and and the credit is 10 years or less from the date of completion.
  7. There is a $50.00 CLEP credit review submission fee and a $75.00 transcription fee per credit hour awarded.

Quarter hours of credit toward graduation are awarded on the basis of these conditions, but grades or quality points are not awarded. 

Transfer of external credit from Platt College to other institutions is at the discretion of the receiving institution. 

Platt College only accepts external credit from College Board CLEP. The college does not accept credit from other agencies in which we are not an official partner college.

External Credit by Examination

CLEP:  Credit is awarded for acceptable scores received on subject examinations only.  All fees associated with CLEP testing are the responsibility of the student. 

External Credit for Military Service/Schools

Credit may be awarded for attendance at military schools and job classifications based upon recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE) Military Transcript Transfer Guide.  Military service credit is awarded provided that proper documentation supporting service-related educational experiences is presented to the Registrar before the end of the second quarter from the start of the program.  Students who receive military benefits must submit a Joint Services Transcript (JST) in addition to transcripts from any college(s) and/or universities.